Wendy, Thanks for getting back to me on this. 
I checked the other ingredients: Cellulose(plant
origen), Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate. It
looks like I'm safe...Well, it sure is nice being just
a few clicks away from getting answers to my
I'll probably get my next bottle at the local health
food store, but I think anything there, will be pretty
equal to what I have? 
By the way, for anyone who has never bought Lysine, it
is very inexpensive. I think this huge bottle was
under $8.00. I can certainly afford to give it to all
of my cats and I think I will, at least a few times
per week. 
Eventually, I seriously want to start making my own
cat food for them, if only as an additional food, to
keep everyone healthy. 
It is so easy to just buy a bag of dry food, but I
really do not think any commercial food could be
better than a very carefully thought out homemade
recipe.Does anyone here make their own cat food? 
 It is just a matter of finding the time, right? I'm
also open to other supplements to boost Gracie's
system...someone said vitamin C was good. I do not
want to get too carried away and know I need to watch
out to not over do it...
--- wendy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hey Glenda,
> Does the lysine have any additives?  Specifically,
> does it contain propynol glycol; if so, DO NOT give
> it to your furbabies.  It would save you time if you
> had caplets you could open and empty the lysine
> powder out of them.  But I don't think there's any
> problem with tablets;only that they are probably too
> big give to kittens uncrushed.  Giving lysine is
> great to FeLV+ kitties as it's an immune system
> booster.  Good call Glenda.  I gave 500 mg. 2x per
> day to my Smookie who was about 6-8 months old at
> the time and a good weight for her corneal ulcer;
> cleared it right up when nothing else would work for
> her (stuff from the vet).  So 500 mg. 1x per day
> should be fine, unless Gracie is really, really
> young.  I don't supplement my healthy kitties, but
> if you would like to, I really don't think it would
> hurt anything.  Hope this info. helps.
> :)
> Wendy
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