I'm sorry to have to forward this, but if some of you
guys do not get these Peta notifications
automatically, I felt this particular one was very
important, because we cannot not do all we can. I know
this is rough on some of you guys ,but this is
important...I just want to complain to everywhere we
can, on this creep...Glenda
--- Ingrid Newkirk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 23:25:42 GMT
> From: "Ingrid Newkirk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: "glenda larsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Urgent: Michael Vick's Indictment Doesn't
> Go Far Enough
> Subject: Urgent: Michael Vick's Indictment Doesn't
> Go Far Enough
> Dear Glenda,
> As I'm sure you've heard, the dogs on Michael Vick's
> property
> didn't stand a chance. According to a federal
> prosecutor, they
> were allegedly hanged, slammed to the ground,
> drowned,
> electrocuted after being doused with water, and
> shot. As Sen.
> Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) stated on the floor of the
> U.S. Senate,
> there is an especially hot place in hell for anyone
> who could
> treat an animal like this. We want such people to
> pay for their
> crimes right here on Earth. 
> Michael Vick's indictment has brought the horror and
> cruelty of
> dogfighting into our homes. I wish I could tell you
> that this is
> an isolated incident, but it isn't. Every day at
> PETA, we get
> shocking and outrageous reports from all over about
> dogs, cats,
> and other companion animals who are the deliberate
> targets of
> human violence and greed.
> PETA goes to law enforcement agencies every week
> with cases, and
> we gain convictions. But all too often, these
> agencies ignore
> animal abuse-despite the proven link between cruelty
> to animals
> and other forms of violence, including abuse of
> spouses and
> children.
> Even when charges are filed and abusers are
> convicted, we often
> must educate and pressure law enforcement officials
> and
> prosecutors to sentence perpetrators to the fullest
> extent
> allowed by law so that animal abusers don't get away
> with a slap
> on the wrist.
> The case against Michael Vick is typical of cases we
> deal with
> all the time. He stands accused of heinous torture
> of animals.
> We're grateful that the public has responded with
> outrage. We
> need your help to make sure that this case sends a
> long overdue
> message to anyone involved with dogfighting and
> other forms of
> vicious cruelty-as well as the agencies charged with
> enforcing
> anti-cruelty laws-that the public won't stand for
> inaction any
> longer.
> Can I count on you to do your part? We need your
> help today to
> do the following:
> 1) Urge the NFL
> and the Atlanta
> Falcons
> to
> suspend Vick pending the outcome of his trial. 
> 2) Contact your local media to urge them to show
> PETA's
> anti-dogfighting public service announcement by
> former world
> heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster.
> Please make as generous a gift as you can today
> to help give us the resources we need to investigate
> reports of
> animal abuse, suffering, and neglect and make sure
> that these
> cases are taken seriously by law enforcement
> agencies. 
> PETA's cruelty casework is physically and
> emotionally draining,
> but our staff members know that they are often the
> only
> lifeline-the only glimmer of hope-an animal has. 
> Help us to educate the public, police, prosecuting
> officials,
> and judges through the distribution of our vital
> informational
> packs designed especially for courtroom use-and push
> for
> stronger animal protection laws and tougher
> penalties. Animals
> deserve to be treated with compassion, care, and
> love-not as
> disposable gambling toys. 
> Russell Simons, The Rev. Al Sharpton,
> and thousands of other
> people are helping our campaign to make the very
> idea of dog
> fighting and cruelty to animals repulsive. Our
> dedicated and
> hardworking staff members are also making sure that
> the media
> cover this story in graphic detail.
> But we need you to take a stand against this
> cruelty, too.
> It is only when caring people step up and are
> counted that
> charges are filed, abusers are prosecuted and
> convicted, and the
> cruelty ends.
> Thank you for caring. Let's make this stick!
> For the animals,
> Ingrid E. Newkirk
> President
> P.S. Please remember that Michael Vick's case is
> just the tip of
> the iceberg. In the past year alone, we've responded
> to nearly
> 14,000 requests for help regarding specific
> cruelty-to-animals
> cases, including other dogfighting cases. Please
> help make sure
> we have the resources to do this critical work. Make
> a special
> gift to PETA
> Roscoe and two other pit bulls, Mylie and Buck,
> starved to death
> in the dead of winter, trapped at the end of heavy
> chains in the
> back yard of their owner's home. Thanks to PETA's
> anti-cruelty
> casework, their owner was charged, prosecuted, and
> convicted in
> late June of three counts of cruelty to animals. He
> told our
> caseworker that "dogs die every day ... so what's
> the big deal?"
> Necropsies revealed that the dogs had suffered over
> many weeks
> with ailments including hookworms, whipworms, and
> heartworm
> disease. All were half their normal body weight at
> the time of
> their death.
> When PETA staff found Rikus, he was bloody, limping,
> and
> suffering from severe and untreated dogfighting
> injuries. He was
> tethered to a tree in his owner's back yard. Nearby,
> our staff
> found Santana, another injured pit bull who had
> multiple scars
> from earlier fights as well as a broken leg and
> other injuries.
> The vast majority of animals who are bred to fight
> and kill are
> not adoptable and have to be euthanized-another
> tragic
> consequence of dogfighting. 
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