Caroline, I do not know who you have left at home to
love, BUT, If you have room for another kitty, in your
life, in your home...
 IF I WERE YOU, this is what I would do: 
I would go down to my local shelter, ASAP and look at
all the kitties. I would try to imagine who Monkee
would pick, if he were with me...Maybe this process
could take a week or a month of going down and
looking, but when my eyes fell on that particular
kitty, that somehow touched my soul, I would bail the
little guy out, pronto and run with him...Then I would
go home and get to know the kitty  that I had bailed
out and I would try to imagine what this kitty would
say to Monkee if he could...You know, the kitty would
be grateful...I'd write it down, different things that
might come to me... Then I'd set aside a special day,
I would get my mom, the kitty "I had saved from
possible death or a not so good future," a bottle of
wine, two glasses, something of Monkee's that was
important to him, pour my mom a glass , me a glass,
hold the kitty, hold the something of Monkee's. I'd
tell Monkee how much I loved him and how much I miss
him. I'd thank him for helping me find the kitty I was
holding and I would think of all the good bright
things ahead for me, my mom and the kitty...It would
be sad, but it would be happy too. I'd try to make it
a celebration. I'd drink my glass of wine and be sure
to remember this day until the day I died ,because it
will have been one of those very special days in my
life...and maybe, in Monkee's memory, I'd set it aside
every year to honor him by doing something extra nice
for someone or some little critter or myself...THIS IS
 I would never just go find a complete stanger, even a
religious type, to read my words or someone else's
words...I think this needs to be a completely personal
and sacred ceremony/celebration.
Only those that deserve to be there should be there...

(I really do hope there is a place, we can all go, to
meet those we have loved and lost, after we leave this
world. If there is such a place, I know Monkee will be
there waiting for you.
Caroline, you are so lucky have so much to
give...I have really enjoyed seeing the wonderful
sides to you these past few days...You have the
ability to do a lot of good for this world...
--- Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I have lost many pets before in my life, but with my
recent loss of Monkee, I feel compelled to have some
kind of ceremony honoring his life because he is the
closest companion (animal or human) that I've ever
had.  I am really struggling with his death and the
grieving process.  I also want something to provide me
with some closure and I thought an official ceremony
might do that.  Of course, I know that even though
Monkee touched a lot of my friends and family, I am
afraid it will only be my mom and I at the ceremony,
but regardless, I still want to do it.    
Monkee was cremated so I don't really want to have a
"burial" per se.  I don't plan to spread his ashes or
bury them...I want to keep them.  
I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas for me? 
My mom has been doing some research to find a person
to perform the ceremony and a location here in
Louisville, Kentucky.  If anyone has further thoughts,
or a good script that we could use as a basis for the
ceremony, please let me know.  I appreciate it.

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