My Feeto has perfectly formed toes and footpads,
6-toes on each foot...front back. Gracie my FeLV+ girl
has 6-toes front, 5-toes back. The front feet have
four toes then one tiny toe, then one big toe. The
tiny toe is just nestled down low between the first
four and last big toe. Her back toes are all even. My
two siblings, little girl and little boy, that I just
received  about 6-weeks ago out of   a shelter in
Arizona were said to have 6-toes on the front and 6on
the back. The little girl, 6 and the other 6 and 7 on
the back. Well, both the little boy and little girl
have perfect back feet. Their toes are all uniform and
match their toe foot pads...On their front feet,
however, they have six claws and five big toe pads on
each foot. When I get them spayed and neutered the vet
will be removing those extra claws, because all they
do is dangle off the side, they are on the side... and
catch on things. They seem to be attached to just a
thread of skin...The real test, is if you ever are
talking to someone about how many toes a cat has, they
need to look on the bottom of the cat's foot and count
the toe pads. Those dangling claws, do not count. With
Gracie there is a very small toe pad in the middle of
the four and last big toe pad.  
When I started reading up on Polydactyls I found a
page on the internet that showed patterns of the
different toe patterns. It is interesting looking up
the information. I was interested to find the info.
regarding Poly Main Coons...How 40% of Main Coons are
inclined to be Poly...but it is not accepted as a
standard...My perfect, dream cat would be a Poly Main
Coon...that had toes like my Feeto. After my dog
passed away , 5/01/07. I started checking for Polys...That is where I got my
little Gracie out of Montana and after discovering she
was FeLV+ found my little boy and girl. 
My intention was to find Gracie an only cat home, with
the perfect person , but that has not been the
case...I do keep her seperated ,but it is very hard
and very stressful...Lots of handwashing and
paranoia...The quality of her life, so far, is still
better with me, than anyone who might have taken her.
Her best offer was from an older lady who would have
declawed her...She has enough trauma in her life...
I liked that saying I saw somewhere the other day:
There was another saying I saw too, that said,
basically, something about, do not breed or buy , too
many need homes...Does anyone remember that little
rhyme? It is a good one...
As far as scooping water: I remember Feeto eating with
his feet a time or two and he definately can open the
screen door ,but can't push the door forward at the
same time...which is a good thing...He'd be in he
fridge too, if he could. I have always believed humans
and other primates have the edge ,because we have
hands with which to get into things. We are able to
test our theories out: CAUSE AND EFFECT
 Any animal with that advantage is going to be a
handful. Just a thought...Glenda
--- wendy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> LuLu does not do much with her paws but walk around
> real cute like.  lol.  Do either of you have issues
> with an extra nail growing between the "thumb" and
> the other toes on the front paws.
> :)
> Wendy
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> committed citizens can change the world - indeed it
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> My "Polly Go Lighty" is a polydactyl tuxie
> girl.......
> Does your poly drink w/ his / her fronts paws?
> Polly likes to scoop the water up from the bowls.
> She also likes it very clean.
> She will sit in front of the water bowl and mew @ me
> until I change it.
> I think she just drinks w/ her toes to show off to
> the other cats.
> Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
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> Subject: Re: OT: Pet Burial Ceremony- for Monkee
> Glenda, my Siamese mix LuLu is polydactyl.  She has
> an extra toe on all four 
> paws.  It's really cute.
> "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
> committed citizens can change 
> the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever
> has!" ~~~ Margaret Meade 
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