I attempt to adopt a cat from PetFinders a few years back.  My application 
was accepted, but an "accident" occured in the foster home where he was being 
held...apparently Carruthers was "chasing cherry tomatos" the caregivers son 
was tossing out an open 2nd story window (??????) and he jumped/fell (or was he 
dropped???) out into a pack of dogs on the deck below that she had just set 
food out for.  She said she vetted him and he only had bruises....but two days 
before I was to pick him up, she told me she found him dead on his chair.  I 
was CRUSHED, having just lost my cat to a blood clot a few months back and 
still blame myself for not being able to get up there and pick him up sooner.  
I didn't believe her either and had my sister (different last name) contact her 
wanting to adopt him...but she too was told he died.  I still have his picture 
in a frame on the memorial shelf with my other critters ashes.  
  Sometimes.."s - it" just happens and despite our best just 
isn't meant to be.
  Hang in there...the one that is meant for you ...will find you soon.

glenda Goodman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Everyone, I just got ahold of an actual person at the
shelter in Fort Worth regarding Catcher. This is how
my conversation went: I ased if Catcher was available.
The gal goes I need a #. I give her the #: 501505.
She says, "That does not sound like a good #. Then a
minute later she says, "She has been adopted." I said,
"He was a boy." Like I'm just irritated they did not
even know he was a boy...Then I said , "When?" She
said , "Why?" I said, "Because they said, if Catcher
was not adopted right away, he was going to be put
My heart is just broken, because I simply do not
believe these people...This is a government
facility...I cannot believe they left themselves open
to a bunch of panicked people out here, worried about
that cat by the ad that was put out on
petfinders...They have to have fosters...It is
possible this cat was adopted, but the tone of the
person's voice on the other end, was abrupt...scared
the hell out of me...
The phone # to that facility is 817-392-3737 just for
anyone out there that wants to try it out...
I have been involved with animal rescue and shelters
in my past and really do not trust the image they try
to project to the public...thus to keep people like me
calm...It is not their fault, I do understand, but
knowing this is no consolation...Well enough
depressing stuff. Remember he could have gotten

--- Melissa Lind wrote:

> Hi Glenda,
> How's it going with Catcher? Can you post the link
> to his picture? I hope
> you are able to get him. Have you looked into cheap
> flights? Southwest Ding
> might be the place to go to get down there, but I'm
> not sure if they have a
> Omaha / Fort Worth flight. You can't take cats on
> Southwest (no pets
> allowed), but you could always find another cheap
> flight back. When I flew
> to Best Friends, my airfare was around $200 round
> trip on two different
> airlines! About $100 on the way out, $80 on the way
> back, plus $50 for the
> cat on the way there to ride under the seat. Then I
> got a great deal on a
> car. I booked it so that it was a turn-around--no
> hotel needed, just a
> little napping in the airport. 
> Let me know how things go...I don't think you're
> crazy. More cats can be
> overwhelming, but if we don't take them, who will? 
> Melissa
> -----Original Message-----
> [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On
> Behalf Of glenda Goodman
> Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 12:17 AM
> To:
> AGAIN...
> Sally, I just looked at your kitty. She has really
> pretty green eyes. She should grow up to be a real
> beauty! 
> It sure is hard loving all these kitties and being
> able to only help a handful. 
> Your website is wild. When I get a little time I
> will
> check it out again. 
> The best of luck to you and your kitties. I have one
> FeLV+ kitty too. I think that really slows us down,
> so
> hard keeping everyone seperated and back tracking,
> making sure everything is kept clean and picked
> up...
> About this kitty in Fort Worth : I will know what is
> going on when I call tomorrow. As it stands, I will
> take this cat in, if I am able to get him to me... I
> will sponser him...whatever it takes that I can
> do...
> I just have to try...Thanks for checking him
> out...He
> He is # 501505
> His name is Catcher, a very large, orange poly. Poor
> little guy, wearing the duck suit hat...trying so
> hard
> to be cute...
> anyone live in Fort Worth with time to conspire with
> me on this? I'll send the bail out fees...
> He simply has to be still alive or I will just go
> bonkers...will find out tomorrow... Thanks, Glenda
> --- Sally Davis 
> > HI Glenda
> > 
> > He is SOOO cute. I hope he gets a good home.
> > 
> > I just aquired a new kitten. She is solid grey.
> Now
> > with Junior being FeLV
> > pos. I had no intention of bringing a cat home.
> > Someone told the lady I did
> > rescue. She told me all the shelters were full.
> > Someone had dropped the
> > kitten off and she was half starved. She is doing
> > better and is confined to
> > Eric's room. Which means she also has company.
> > However I am still trying to
> > find her a home. There are sveral poeple where I
> > work who are interested.
> > 
> > Her picture is on my website see below.
> > 
> > Sally
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > -- 
> > Sally, Eric (not a cat),Junior, Speedy, Grey and
> > White, Ittle Bitty, Little
> > Black, Lily, Daisy, Silver, and Spike Visit my
> BB
> > for some pictures post
> > your as well.
> > 
> >
> > 
> ________
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