A pos. is a pos. when you do the test, yes, but a weak pos. vs. a strong 
pos. can help determine how far along the disease is.

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Sally,  I did go back to your website later last
night...checked daylillies and the song by M. It kind
of touched my mood...The song...very good...Eric is
very talented at putting sites together. My son is
pretty tricky too , but not that tricky...My son does
the photo and ebay stuff. He  very good at that...
Anyway, about Junior:
 I'm so glad he is doing better. I know you are
holding on to hope for him. That is one thing about
this disease, for every ten people that give you no
hope, there is one with a success story or some type
of optimistic information that makes us know we have
to give it all we got to pull our little guys through.
I'm so sorry this disease has been so awful in your
family...You are an angel for trying so hard...My
heart is with Junior...
With my Gracie, I have never seen her show any signs
of sickness, yet. She is only 5-months old. She
contracted her leukemia from her mother.  All I have
been doing with her is giving her 500 mg of lysene per
day and a good vitamin tablet. I give her a small dab
of tuna or sardine with the crushed up tablets and she
licks her plate clean...very simple...
I am always seeing where people say the test results
are a  strong positive or a weak positive. The second
time Gracie was tested I looked at the test kit and
asked my vet if she was a weak pos. or a a strong pos.
My vet just said, that it did not matter..."a positive
was a positive" I remember with heartworm in dogs, it
does matter , a weak pos. or strong pos. Maybe that is
different...?  Later, Glenda
--- Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Glenda,
> I live in VA so nowhere near Fort Worth. I thought
> the duck suit was
> ridiculous, he is gorgeous on his own merit. I have
> never had a poly, but
> several of my kitties came from poly families and
> their paws look bigger, I
> always check Spike because her mother was a poly and
> she looks like she has
> buds of what could have been extra toes but that is
> all.
> I am so glad you are taking on Catcher's Cause. So
> may kitties needing home.
> I can only save one at a time.
> I am still amazed at Junior's progress. Last fall I
> thought he would not
> survive very long from the FeLV. He has has several
> infections and it all
> started with anemia. He felt soooooooooo bad and I
> did too. Not to mention
> losing three cats to this horrible disease. My
> household far exceeded the
> statistic for cats getting sick with FeLV. I am just
> lucky that way.(NOT)
> Juniors only symptoms that are visible now are
> enlarged lymph nodes behind
> his ears, glaucoma from an eye infection, and a
> permanently dilated eye also
> from uveitis. He sometimes sounds a little congested
> but never sneezes. Oh
> yes and he has hemaetomas in his ears.
> I am glad you went to my site. Everyone is welcome
> to look and join if they
> like. Eric set it up. The missing pictures are from
> a lady on another group.
> He lost some history during an upgrade and she never
> posted them again.
> I hope no news is food news. I am always glad when
> the group is quiet.
> Sally
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> Black, Lily, Daisy, Silver, and  Spike  Visit my BB
> for some pictures post
> your as well.

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