Yes , Diane, Thanks...I certainly do intend to follow
up...even thought to call a foster that works through
this shelter and act a little dumb to see if they
might slip and tell me something...I do have a devious
side when it comes to helping animals...I'm really off
to work guys...Thanks, Glenda
--- "Rosenfeldt, Diane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Glenda, if you're not sure that Catcher has truly
> been adopted, maybe
> you should try calling again, to see if you can get
> a little peace of
> mind, or maybe talk to someone a little nicer.  Keep
> everything
> businesslike and try not to reveal annoyance, just,
> if they say he's
> adopted, mention that his picture is still up on the
> site, etc.  You
> might or might not want to tell them that you had
> already called.
> I've had bad experiences trying to adopt from our
> local "humane society"
> which is privately owned and which appears to think
> that it's more
> important to put a prospective owner through an
> incredibly stringent
> application process than it is to actually place
> pets in a home that
> might not be perfect from all standpoints but would
> be loving and happy.
> This same place has been shown to have a huge kill
> rate, including
> owners of lost pets coming in a few hours after the
> pet was lost only to
> find it had already been euthanized.  I can't fathom
> why so many of
> these places seem to lose sight of their mission,
> and for a place that's
> supposed to be based on compassion for animals, so
> many of them appear
> to have no compassion for the people who come to
> them.
> Diane R.
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