Thanks Sally
Your website is just great and Junior, an absolute love.
He looks so chunky and healthy.
I'm discovering that we have some really good days and then
some punk ones for no apparent reason.
My vet has been researching a homeopathic remedy that is now
being used in Africa for HIV/Aids patients with some dramatic
success. She thought that we should get it for MeMe, a long shot,
but worth a try. I found it in England and am waiting for it to arrive.
I do believe in miracles, so fingers crossed for all of us.

Thanks for all the good information Sally.


On Jul 27, 2007, at 4:21 PM, Sally Davis wrote:

Hmm long version or short version. I see no way to tell his story as a short version.
Ok first of all March 2006 I adopted two cats same day one from a shelter and the other from someone I work with. I had lost my soulmate kitty the week before from bone cancer. I cried again today for all the kitties lost last year.
Lionel was the shelter cat unneutered male, with a bite wound from a fight with a raccoon, so I was told. This was animal control he had been there a month. Second was a kitten about 4 months old I would guess. Both cats were orange tabbies, one of my favorite color cats. Both got neutered the next day at a low cost clinic. Just rabies shots were given. Lionel had had some shots but I was not sure which ones.
I noticed after getting Lionel back from the clinic he has a broken leg. It was an old break and had healed but worried me. It did not seem to bother him but the wound on his leg did. It just would not heal. I tried getting him to the vet, but my vet was down by two vets and unable to see clients on short notice. I gave up treated the wound myself and it finally healed in about a month. So then he would have had it two months. He also had runny eye which with a good diet cleared up. Pumpkin seemed fine.
April 2006 Junior is hit by a car. I found him hiding took him to the only vet I could get in to see. They were wonderful, but expensive. Of course the first thing she did was test him for FeLV and FIV, both negative. He was there a week she managed to get his jaw back in place and stitched his palette back together. He came home would not eat or drink. i took him back the following Monday. They gave him fluids and kept him for the day. He also had damaged his eye and wound up with no sight in it.
OK about a month later, soory my timetable is hazy. Tiny got sick with a bad URI. Coughed so hard he fell over. HE went into the same vet got on antibiotics and got better. Pumpkin Lionel both had symtoms of the URI. Neither were bad enough to take in  to see the vet. I am guessing this URI was accompanied my the FELV virus as these are the cats who were later to be identified as infected. By AUgust, junior was just not feeling good and had the 'cold' as well. I took him in knowing he was still healing. He was put on Amoxilcillin. It was not working so I took im back thye found heinm to be anemic figured it might be hemobartella as he had a tiny bot of flea dirt. He has been inside since he was hit, so had to picked up the flea from another cat. The Baytril made him feel much better, but Pumpkin was puny. I gave Pumkin Juniors axoxicillin. He slept most of the time. Realize I am paniced about Junior because of the car accident. I did not see Pumpkin was not eating or drinking. He would pretend to do so.
Pumkin got worse, and I was able to get him into my old vet. The vet said he was anemic and jaundiced.I am on a very fast learning curve here. I have gone years without a sick cat. The vet said bring him back the following Monday if he was not better. He really looked bad. He went back on Monday he had not really eaten and I could not get him to eat. They kept him put him on Iv and baytril by IV. I saw him the next day. The vet was guarded but he looked like his old self. Loved me purred. The next day I went to see him like 12 hours later. He was half dead. He crashed during the night had seizures and was lifeless did not know I was there. I decided the humane thing was pts. I cried the vet tech cried. It was all so sad. He was not even a year old.
I decided even though Junior is not acting ill to take him back into his vet . He was acting sick but had a fever of 106.5. They gave him subQ fluids and called me later to run the Felv test again. My heart sunk, I knew somehow it would be positive and so it was, They did not suggest euthanizing until later, Because he kept getting fevers. They said it was from the FELV.
I had to get 9 more cat tested and vaccinated. Two more were positive Tiny (faint pos) and Lionel for FELV and FIV. I believe based on his history he was FIv when I got him I think he became FELV after he came to live here. Unfortunately I decided to have lionel pts. He had also been sick and most likely had Uveitis. I regret this decision now, but I am sure he would not have made it very long. I like to think I saved him suffering.
Tiny was asymptomatic. I found this group learned of Immunoregulin and both Tiny and junior got it based on the first protocol. I definitely think it helped junior with the anemia and his gingivitis. Tiny never had symptoms.
Junior got the dreaded URI and Uveitis in both eyes. Both took a long time to heal and he felt like crap. I was not real hopeful. He got over both but the uveitis took it's toll and for a short time he was blind in both eyes. He left eye is now fixed a dilated, but he can see out of it the right eye has glaucoma which we treated, but it never improved. It causes pain.
Tiny dies Christmas day. Never really showing symptoms( he could have been hiding them). The only day I felt like he did not feel well was Christmas day. He was in the meatloaf position so I kept him by my side watched TV. He seemed better. I heard a commotion. He was doing the spastic cough again.  I went to move him saw he was turning blue. I have Oxygen in the house I went to get it the tank was empty. Before I could get teh second tank to him he was gone. I would say less than a minute passed. I am told this was a symptom of a blood clot. So I cannot say for sure his FeLV status had anything to do with his death.  I buried him in the pouring rain on Christmas day.
Ok so now I am real worried for Junior. I ordered Transfer Factor Plus for him and give it daily. I have alsogiven him other supplement but for now he is on a different Transfer Factor and powdered accemannan. He still has swollen Lymph nodes which we had aspirate an was only indicative of fighting infection. He got  a month of Baytril and Probiotics.   He never felt great, and the vet was concerned as I was about the eye with glaucoma. It is very painful. She told me to read up on Metacam. Yes it is contriversial, but it has geievn him a better quality of life. He is a different cat with it. I tried to take him off and he started feeling bad again.
This is where I am now. I would have to pull the bills out (now that is painful too) to see when he was tested but I think it was in September. My guess is he had it when he was hit with the anemia. So it has almost been a year for him. He turned five this year. I also do the monthly subQ injection of the IR.
I LOVE MY JUNIOR. you can see his pic on my webpage look for Junior funny ears picture.
I still have 10 cats and they do mix. They were all very exposed to the virus as all are very social.
In my panic mode I had to get 

On 7/27/07, Jane Lyons <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Sally
I am always hoping to find someone who has a symptomatic cat who is
doing well.
How old is Junior? Please tell me a bit about him and how he has made
such good progress.


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