I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I can tell
Felicity had a good life with you. Bless your heart!
May, when it is our time to go, we are as lucky as
Felicity was to be surrounded by so much love...
Is B.B. a new addition to your family and is  she/he, 
Are Chloe and Oliver doing well? It sounds like these
original kitties came from the same home...was it from
someone elderly or  who has since passed away?
 Anyway, you are an angel, I might add... Glenda
--- Gloria Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> We received 4 FELV kitties from a lady in Oklahoma
> back in 2005.   
> They were all about 8-9 years old at that time. One
> died shortly  
> after, a very fat sweet kitty but think the move
> upset her and she  
> stopped eating.  Long story.
> Felicity died 2 days ago - the morning of July 27. 
> She had been  
> going downhill and was anemic.  She was a shy kitty,
> about 10-11  
> years old.  She was not easy to medicate, was not
> much into human  
> contact, but was a pretty white girl with black ears
> and tail.  She  
> leaves her pals Oliver and Chloe, both 10-11 years
> old, and her new  
> friend B.B. (about 4 yrs old).  Chloe and I sat with
> Felicity quite a  
> while as she was gently fading away. She will be
> missed.
> Gloria

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