Hi Belinda,
 Gosh, this could be a perfect situation for my
Gracie, BUT it really is a scary thought, sending my
adored kitty across the country to a situation I
cannot observe first hand.Also , subjecting her to
another move...
 My Gracie does want a playmate so badly and it breaks
my heart to keep her so secluded. I will say, my
Gracie is absolutely enchanting as cats go... Anyone
would be smitten with her immediately. She is my
little sidekick and so smart and playful...These
people would really have to pass the tenth degree and
being so long distance, not sure how we could work it
out. Have they been working hard to help their cat
throw the virus? I continue to work with Gracie and
have a little bit of hope ,but am not going to hold my
breath...She is only 5-months old and contracted the
virus through her mother...The fact she could throw
the virus maybe makes it wiser to not consider these
options yet? However,just for the heck of it, I will
email these, I'm sure, lovely people, and talk cats
with them...Maybe they should join this list?
Thank You! Glenda 
--- Belinda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>          Hi All,
>    Got this email this morning, anyone got adoptees
> available??  I don't 
> know this person or anything about them so caution
> is advised:
> > Hi, we recently lost our cat to Felv and are
> looking for a felv+ companion for our other cat, who
> is 2 and is felv+.  Do you have any Felv+ cats or
> kittens that are healthy and do not have FIV that
> are available to adopt?  We would like a cat that is
> under four years old, up date on all other shots,
> and doesn't have a large history of health problems.
>  *We live in Farmington Hills, a suburb in the Metro
> Detroit area*.  Thanks for you time, Kerri - contact
> email [ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]
> -- 
> Belinda
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