Hi Beckie, 
I have been reading your posts, but am still learning
myself...so have been leaving it up to those who have
been involved with these problems longer than myself. 
Until the day my vet told me my kitten had just tested
positive for FeLV, I just cared for my cats the way I
assumed,  was how you were suppose to care for your
cats. This was:
 You spay/ neuter, deworm and vaccinate, according to
what were the recommended vaccinations and on which
schedules, then you boostered your cats every year
after that and dewormed when neccessary. You must also
feed a "good quality" cat food and everything should
be fine...I am only a couple months away from that
particular way of thinking...
Some of the people, who are very well informed, here,
do not even vaccinate! This was very shocking to me.
However , we are learning, just lately, information is
coming up, that is showing, we have been over
vaccinating...There is so much to learn...
I was really glad to find out it was not Moe making
the kitchen messes...You have gotten excellent advice
from these guys on that...Cats can be very emotional
and they each have their way of getting back to you
when they are upset. I know dogs can be the same
way...There should be a diplomatic way to solve the
kitchen mess problem with your tricky little
kitty...obviously, an insecurity problem...
My heart is with you Beckie on the FeLV issues. Like
everyone here , you are a loving , caring individual
who takes the time, to love, appreciate and take the
responsibility to do right by your kitty family. The
best of luck to you and your boyfriend and bless your
hearts! Thank you for being here...

--- Beckie McRae <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> My name is Beckie. I'm 25 and live in Iowa with my
> boyfriend and 3 cats
> (2 of whom are FLV positive). I'm hoping you guys
> can help me.
> I have a cat named Moe and he's about 3 and has FLV.
> About 3 weeks ago,
> I noticed some bumps around his neck and on his
> back, and he started to
> lose his hair. I took him to the vet, and she said
> it was an
> environmental allergy, gave him some meds and sent
> us home. Well the
> meds just made him worse, so the next week I took
> him back, and this
> time he had a severe infection in his eye and
> tapeworms. This time,
> different meds, and ointment for his eye. STILL not
> better. 
> This time I took him in to the vet and told them I
> wasn't leaving until
> he was better. That was Wed. They gave him a shot
> for the tapeworms,
> Frontline for some fleas, his eye was better so more
> ointment, and Sat.
> he seemed fine. Now today when we woke up he had
> gone to the bathroom in
> the kitchen (which he did when he was originally
> really sick), and as
> soon as he sees either one of us, he runs and hides.
> He also has FLV.
> I'm worried sick, and don't know what to do. Anyone
> else here ever deal
> with something like this? 
> Also, what's the best way to clean up the mess in
> the kitchen? I want to
> eliminate the odor so he won't go in there again!
> Thanks so much!
> Beckie

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