I have been busy the last couple days, but wanted to
let you know that I have been following your posts
concerning Isabella. I am excited for her progress. I
have been feeling so sorry for her and for all, you
guys, have been going through. It is so great to hear
the good news! 
Thank you,
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> Thanks Sally for this note of encouragement! We
> appreciate it ~ gives us hope!
> Laurie
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>   From: Sally Davis 
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>   Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 6:14 PM
>   Subject: Re: Isabella update and what seems to be
> working for us.
>   Hi Laurie, 
>   I am so happy for you. I know you went though what
> I went through when Junior and Tiny tested positive
> for FELV last fall. I plan on going though Junior's
> medical records. He is close to the 1 year mark from
> when he became anemic. Unfortunately Tiny did not
> make it and he was asymptomatic. I believe he died
> from a blood clot to the lungs or heart. It was very
> quick.   
>   Junior like Isabella had a very rocky road for at
> least two months maybe three months. I really was
> not sure he would make it. He ran fevers after being
> anemic, which was probably hemobartella for which he
> was treated. He then got a URI and and eye infection
> that turned into uveitis plus caused glaucoma in his
> damaged eye from a previous injury.  With little
> money I did what I could for him. The remaining
> negative cats all 9 of them were vaccinated and
> later mixed. The infections were treated as they
> came along and right from the start he was given the
> IR protocol, which cleared up some gingivitis that
> he had as well. Infections were the worst because
> they take three times as long to clear up. The cats
> doesn't eat as well. 
>   I did not do the interferon because the vet never
> got on board. He also got Petinic in the beginning,
> lysine, CoQ10, as well as Transfer Factor Plus and
> better cat food. I sometimes had to get baby food to
> get all the supplements in him. We are now
> maintaining with, Wellness Transfer Factor, Manopol,
> and Salmon oil. Oh yes he gets the controversial
> Metacam for pain. He still has swollen Lymph nodes
> they were tested and was only his body fighting
> infection.   The glaucoma causes pain and they lymph
> node aspiration had shown inflammation as well, the
> Metacam takes care of both. He has finally gained
> weight up to almost 13 pounds up from less than 11
> at one time. He looks great and feels much better.
> It is always one day at a time, I am so happy. For
> those who do not know Junior turned 5 last spring.
> Junior and I both say thanks to this group. 
>   Isabella is at the point where she should continue
> to do better if Junior is any example. My feeling is
> getting them past the initial infection stage in the
> first three months, gives them a better chance of
> living a few years, Junior is a blessing. JMO 
>   Sincerely, 
>   Sally Davis

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