Hi Melissa, I just want to say hello to you since we
are neighbors and dealing with the same climates,
even...It has been wonderful these last couple days
here in the western panhandle of Nebraska...hope your
area has been cooler too. 
It is true the kitties do get wiped out from the
heat...Now that I am dealing with my FeLV+ kitty I am
constantly paranoid when I notice one of my other guys
sleeping more than usual or not as active...These
cooler days do put more pep in the kitties. I
appreciate your take on this...Have a great day! 
--- Melissa Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Beckie,
> I forgot to mention about the air-ours was broken
> for 3 weeks during some of
> the hottest weather before we could finally get a
> guy to come fix it!
> Luckily we had a basement, so the kitties could go
> down there if they felt
> too hot. Mostly they would just lie around the
> house. They played a lot less
> than usual-they seemed pretty exhausted from the
> heat. I know we filled
> their water dishes much more than before. 
> So, I guess I would say, it was pretty uncomfortable
> for them. Most of them
> are healthy, so it was easier for them, but for a
> sick cat, I think the heat
> would be much worse. If you have ceiling fans or
> other fans going for some
> circulation, I think it would be better for the
> cats-or a basement too. We
> moved their food dishes down there to encourage them
> to spend more time in
> the cool basement.
> Once our air was fixed, I noticed that our kitties
> were much happier and
> more playful. I would say you don't have to have a
> freezing cold house, but
> maybe running the air once in a while to remove the
> humidity would be good
> and keeping the air circulating is smart too. 
> We don't love the heat, but we don't mind it a
> little warm either, so I know
> what you are feeling. We like to use the air as
> little as possible, not
> because we're cheap, but because we like the sounds
> of the outdoors, the
> birds, the breeze, etc. I always feel cooped up when
> we have to shut the
> windows. Someday we'd like to finish the basement
> which would be a nice
> summer retreat with naturally cooled air. I think
> you said you live in
> Iowa-I'm from Nebraska, and if our climates are
> similar, it's the humidity
> that becomes unbearable more than the heat! :-) 
> Melissa Lind

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