I just realized ,because I was forgetting both Miles
and Moe are FeLV+. I forgot that Miles was also FeLV+.
It is Holly who is negative...My heart goes out to all
you guys. It is a long hard road we are on. Your
kitties are so lucky to have you guys! Later, Glenda
--- Beckie McRae <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> Thanks for the responses.  I had them do blood work
> on him, and its
> fine, he's eating like a cow, and drinking like a
> camel.
> Something that I discovered today is that it's NOT
> him going to the
> bathroom in the kitchen; it's our OTHER FLV+ cat,
> Miles.  Now Miles is
> about 4 years old, seems perfectly healthy, eats and
> drinks, plays, etc.
> I HAVE noticed that last couple of weeks though he's
> been being REALLY
> affectionate, and I haven't been able to spend as
> much time with him and
> Holly (our 5 year old cat who does NOT have felv) 
> as I usually do
> because I've been so busy with Moe.  Is it possible
> that Miles has
> started to use the kitchen as his own personal
> bathroom because he's
> jealous of the attention that Moe is getting and
> trying to get our
> attention?  I KNOW it's Miles, because he didn't
> hear me get up this
> morning, and Moe was lying on my pillow next to my
> head (like he
> normally does), and I got up went out to the
> kitchen, and he must not
> have heard me, because I caught him red handed doing
> his business.  I
> made loud noises, and stuff, but I don't know why
> he's doing this.  He
> has been acting kind of weird.  Like if we're in the
> bathroom taking a
> shower or using the toilet and the door is closed,
> he'll sit outside it
> and just HOWL.  Never did this until a few weeks
> ago.  I figured it was
> because he was worried about Moe, but now not so
> sure.
> Also, how much does heat effect felv?
> We LOVE the heat, and try not to use the air
> conditioner, but it's going
> to get pretty warm here in the next week or so, and
> I was just wondering
> if I should turn the air on for the cats?
> Thanks again everyone.  I'm so glad I found you all!
> Beckie 

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