I got my nutritional yeast at Wild Oats or some store like that. I came in a
big glass jar. I had to ask for it since it was difficult to find.  Yummy





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they are different, but i don't know where to buy nutritional


Melissa Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Caroline,


I use Nutritional Yeast, which I think is the same as Brewer's Yeast. I put
it on my air-popped popcorn instead of butter. However, it's high in iron
and has a warning that children can OD on this from the iron-very dangerous.
So, since kitties are smaller than children, I'd be careful. But, maybe
yours is different from mine? I know I love it, and thanks for bringing it
up! I need more iron, so I think I'll enjoy it tonight!


At someone's suggestion a while back, I ordered some FortiFlora. I sprinkle
that on the kitty food now and then-and they gobble it up. I think it's a


Good luck-I'm really happy a kitty in need found you! :-) 





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I hate to do this to you guys again because I know there's been discussion
about this before, but who uses Brewer's Yeast and what does it do?  I
bought some yesterday and want to try it out my outdoor Lil Girl that I
feed, my foster cat- Izzee, my mom's cat Tally and the malnourished rescue
we are currently treating.  I know it says it's a supplement and packed with
vitamins, but is there anything in particular it is good for?  I also
thought someone said to be careful with it and very gradually introduce it
to the cats food?  Or am I making that up?  


Insight from people currently using it is greatly appreciated!





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