It's okay to dwell on this issue as long as you turn it into a positive
experience, as you are trying to do. It's very sad what happened, but I
think that you are on the right track with your passion to change things for
the better! Good!


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I hate to get back on this again, but I believe this
cat was once someone's cat...When I looked at this
kitty and he looked at me, in the light of my friend's
cell phone that night, I knew he was not born feral.
There was that moment of communication. I was sure he
just needed a little work and a little time to become
I will be hurting for the rest of my life over this! I
was very upset he was put in with the 'wild cats" as I
was told, that next morning. I said I did not believe
he was wild! This one worker said he was "howling" at
her. Another gal, at another point in time, only said,
"He is not friendly." Well, he knew the hell hole he
was in with people that did not try to be kind to him.
I named him...he was going to be taken under my
wing...My friend, asked me why this cat was so
important to me, this when I told her I planned to
take this cat on. I told her, because he was smart,
beautiful, and a survivor and I respected him... I
wanted to restore his faith in people...I wanted him
to get a good home. I felt he deserved that. This cat
had character...I could tell... He had slept one night
on my friend's front feral is that? This
cat wanted a home. I do not mean to be back here
bringing all this up again...I have made everyone ,
including myself crazy with this...I will be bringing
up a lot of points to the public here about this cat
that I am bringing up here. I am going over certain
points, getting ready to hit them...
This shelter is just too reckless with our
animals...This dark hole they confine the cats, they
consider feral, is a place I want brought out into the
light...This is crap! I am still so broken up over
this I still am looking through my tears...At any
given moment they could have someone's cat in their
"feral holding section" . When I wrote to you guys
with that letter: WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS HERE: I was
writing as a person out in the public, someone who
pays taxes...I could not believe they actually shut
certain animals out of public view, like they are bad,
diseased, horrible creatures...I feel we have a right
to see and know what our local shelters are doing at
all times. I probably have 10Xs the cat experience as
any new hire down there who might decide a certain cat
is"wild". They never even used the word , feral. I
doubt they know the definition of feral...
Well, he might have been a little difficult for me to
stick my hand into the trap the night he was caught,
but I knew he would come around , because he was calm
when I talked to him. It was just going to take time
to gain his trust...I absolutely knew I had something
to work with...I'm so sorry guys! Glenda 
--- catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> That would be the fault IF the cat had ever even had
> a pet owner.  As far as Glenda knew, this cat was
> feral..........
>   t
> Belinda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>       There's a very simple, responsible remedy for
> this, at least for pet owners who purport to be
> responsible --- KEEP YOUR PETS INSIDE OR IN AN
> outside.  There in my opinion, is NO excuse not to
> and if you don't you have no reason or excuse to cry
> when one gets hit by a car, eaten by wildlife or
> killed by a animal hating neighbor!!!!  I personally
> find it extremely hard to have sympathy for anyone
> under these circumstances.
>   I even read one, if not two, news stories of
> another AS in our state who put down someone's pet
> who had been located, the people had called and were
> on their way to pick it up, get there, and it's
> gone.
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