Was wondering on how you've been doing  Kerry!
Great to hear from you again!
You have been missed here.
Give "Inky" a bunch of rubs and headbutts from me and the gang  here.
In a message dated 8/12/2007 5:43:07 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  

Hi everyone, 
I haven't been here in awhile, and I do see there are many new people..So  
just want you all to know (those of you that remember us) that Inky turned 21  
last Thursday..I know he isn't felv+, but you guys helped me with some of his  
problems while I was dealing with my Bandy's illness.  We are always  thankful 
for your knowledge and compassion for our fur babies.  Inky had  blood work 
about 3 wks ago and his hyper-t has gotten worse, but the increase  in meds is 
working again so far...kidney values are still high, but  better...and the ibd 
is doing ok.. so he is my shining star..
Bandy has been gone little over 6 months now and I miss him so..He will  
always be with me.
My best to you all and I hope all your babies are doing well today..If we  
can ever help, please email me direct..I am going to try to catch up.  If  any 
of my experiences with Bandy (who was FIV+ and Felv+) I would be glad to  offer 
what I can.  We dealt with alot of different things.
Our best to you all, 
Kerry, Angel's Bandy, Lil Rascal, Buster, Snoopy, Striper, Albert and  Alberta
Inky and the rest of the crew

Terrie Mohr-Forker

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