I'm so sorry. 
All the attention and love you gave him had to have
made Benny happy. 
You are taking these kittie's pain on to yourself and
in the process replacing their pain with little pieces
of  joy, to make their days so much better.  
I'm comforted to know there are lovely people like you
out there working, so hard, to make the world a better
I'm sorry you are sad...Just know, what you are doing
is very appreciated!  
Thank you for letting us know. 
--- Sherry DeHaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I am writing this in tears,Benny was such a sweet
> sweet black kitty.He was just wasting away to
> nothing.I tried to get him to eat everytime I was
> there.Monday he ate many treats(which he lived for)
> and a bit of canned food.But he was down to 7 pounds
> from 14.We tried everything and Jen said WE can't
> keep him here just for US it just is not fair to
> him.I agree but it hurts so very much.I am sorry for
> all the sad posts I write,it is a hard job
> volunteering for sick kitties.Thank you all for
> helping me through it all.
>   Sherry and our MANY fur angels
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