Hey Guys, 
Personally, I always enjoy seeing people who hurt
animals suffer. I noticed Susan was not getting a lot
of feedback on her slam on hunters... I felt like it
was a good topic for a quiet afternoon...
I thought it was understood ,the types we are talking
about, are the people who hunt for sport. To make
matters worse,these sorts often have their kids out
shooting guns too, by the time the little fellows are
able to pick one up. I have seen little kids who are
taught to be proud of killing soft furry, doe eyed
animals and gorgeous birds...The last thing on their
minds is eating what they kill. They would rather eat
Fruit Loops and go to Pizza Hut...Anyway, I  find that
type of parent and child training scary...Kids should
be taught to have compassion and to be kind to
creatures that are at their mercy... 
 On the other hand, I do try to respect the decision
of families that seek to add to their menus and
balance out their grocery budget by adding wild game
to their freezer. Things are not getting any easier
and times are probably getting a lot harder for a lot
of people who work very hard to make  a living. There
are probably other ways to stretch the food budget,
but it might take some imagination...a little extra
Sadly, the way the world is going, going out and
killing wildlife is something we did a hundred years
ago. It is not something we are going to be able to do
a hundred years from now...It is really out of date
already...but a lot of people do not know it yet...It
is a huge hype ,so someone can make money...
Our world is simply shrinking in its habitat for
animals as well as for people. It takes eight acres of
land to support each individual human being in the
world today.  Instead of people trying to shoot,
poison, stuff, and/or eat every animal they set their
eyes on, they need to come up with solutions on how to
get more bang out of each acre of land and to cherish
and protect all the other species of life. 
If we do not look at the big picture now, the picture
in fifty years will not include any wild animals at
all.  If deer populations get too large, maybe a form
of birth control might be in order?  Our deer can also
be affected by diseases that make eating their flesh
very undesirable...something to consider... so losing
them as a food commodity is not like a huge
Unfortunately, man has screwed up the natural
processes that once kept our deer populations in check
and also limited the land mass our wild animals have
to live on... I mean, we do not go out and start
shooting people when the human population gets too
large, or, do we? Which opens up a whole new subject:
Oh well, but let's not forget: animals have feelings
too and they have every positive emotion us humans
have. How would we feel if the roles were reversed?
How would you feel if you were a deer enjoying a nice
afternoon with your family and suddenly you were
attacked by crazy, out of control humans with bullets
or arrows that tore into your body or a family member
standing next to you?  Where is empathy in our world
today, folks?   
It is a shame vegetarianism is not for everyone,
because it is the most logical way to live today in
this over populated world and also the kindest way to
take care of our planet. A carefully planned
vegetarian diet is also the healthist choice for the
human body.  
One of the best places to go to learn about the
advantage of going vegetarian is peta.org 
Have a good day! Glenda

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