My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss
of Midnight, for you and your family. 
Now, we must all hope for the best for your other
kitties. I can imagine how scared you are for them.
You maybe should believe this virus, I'm believing
FeLV, came from a source more recently, that only
affected Midnight. Remember too, all the reports of
how healthy cats, if exposed, can throw the virus...If
your other cats were vaccinated your chances are very
good everyone will be all right. The vaccine is open
to debate though and thought to be 75%-85%
effective...I had read where the more recent improved
vaccines are a bit better yet.
Now is when people that have been in this a long time
and are very active and experienced with cats need to
tell come to your aid.  
Myself, I am still learning every day here. 
I am confused as to what is the better circumstance to
be in, having a kitty that contracted the FeLV virus
through the mother or having a kitten or adult cat 
just exposed to the virus? I do know the adult cats 
have a better chance of throwing the virus, than an
exposed kitten. What really got me confused is my vet
acted rather hopeful  about kittens that contracted
the  FeLV virus through the mother. Like there is  a
good chance to kick it... I think throwing FIV coming
through the mom is a lot easier than FeLV coming
through the mom. Maybe she got the two confused?  Then
I see people saying,with  just exposure there is  a
good chance of defeating the virus...Anyway, no matter
what, there is always hope...I think we all live on
hope every day to get us through to the next day. 
Your letter really moved me. It was short, but so
laced with your pain...I know we all know that awful
feeling...You will find a lot of very loving and
helpful people here... Be strong! 

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