Thanks for the info.  I'll definitely look into better foods.  Do  you all 
think its ok to mix in their morning and nightly Fancy Feast Elegant  Medleys?  
There are three of them, and they share a can each morning  and each night, so 
they average only 1/3 of a can at a time, but its something  they have come 
to expect.  I guess I'm wondering if there's something wrong  with giving that 
to them.  They've been on the Purina Naturals dry food,  but I'm going to 
switch over to something with no grains and high  proteins.  I'm going to look 
the Innova Evo, but I don't recall ever  seeing it.  I'll be sure to look for 
something with no grains  tomorrow. 

As for the nutritional supplement recommendation, I've already gotten  Lysine 
and Echinacea, but haven't been able to get them to eat it yet.  I'm  hoping 
they will when they're feeling better.  They did eat tonight, so  that makes 
me feel better now that I've seen them eating.   As for the  supplements, are 
those the only two recommended, or is there something  else?  And do you guys 
mix that in the dry food, or in their wet  food?  Luckily, we rarely ever have 
guests, and rarely leave  for more than a couple of days at a time (and my 
sister is here with them when  we leave, with whom they are very familiar, she 
has been living here on and  off). 
They did not vaccinate the cat they knew had tested positive, but  vaccinated 
Poppy because they ran out of ELISA tests and had to send in an IFA  test 
with her along with Grizzabella's.  I'm not comfortable with this vet  office 
treating them, so that's why I'm going in the morning to get them to  refer 
to University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine.  I  looked up the 
hospital tonight, quite impressive...they have 10 exam rooms, 7000  dogs/cats a 
year, an intensive care unit, specialists in every field you can  imagine, it 
looks very promising: _ (   
The vet's  office bothered me because they didn't even recommend an IFA test to 
verify her  positive ELISA test.  They just said she had it, period.  That 
didn't  sit well with me.
I feel very personally responsible for them getting sick and I'm taking  this 
very hard.  But all I can do now is make sure they have the absolute  best 
care possible. 
Ok, to summarize, here's what I need input on from you guys:

1. Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys...1/3 of a can morning and  this ok?
2. Dry food...brand recommendations....
3. Supplements...any recommendations other than lysine and echinacea, and  do 
you put it in wet or dry food?
4. Treatment options?  Do you use the ImmunoRegulin Or Interferon  Alpha in 
healthy cats, or is that treatment options you use when they're  symptomatic?  
Thanks for all the support to everyone and all the emails I've  received.  It 
really helps me to feel like I have some sense of control  over the 
situation, and I'm not just completely helpless.

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