Update for the day:

I spoke with my vet today at Creekside, and  surprisingly enough he was very 
receptive and wrote the referrals for UT.   They have an appointment on 
Tuesday, September 11 for, as Dr. Dolen wrote,  "FeLV workup and medical 
therapy."  It gives me some  hope.  We'll see.  Ideally, I'll be able to 
consult with UT at least  twice a year, and use the very close vet for emergent 
situations and  maintenance.  The girls continue to eat the fancy feast with 
Lysine and  Missing Link supplements in it.  They actually didn't seem to mind 
it at  all.  They're working on the conversion to the Innova EVO dry food.   
Right now it's about 80% Purina naturals and 20% EVO.  They're eating it,  but 
a bit slower than they were the Purina Naturals alone, but this is normal  
from what I read?

I'm also looking into buying a thermometer, as  a temperature is one of the 
early warning signs of  infection. I've done my research, and found the WNL 
temperature for a  cat is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and the heart rate 
is  140-220. (This site has great information on it: 
(http://www.cathelp-online.com/emergency/vitals.php) ). I  really am hoping I 
can give them many more years with very careful 
care and  attention.  Do you guys have any thoughts on thermometers?  I've 
this one (_http://www.pet-temp.com/pet_temp.htm_ 
(http://www.pet-temp.com/pet_temp.htm) ) ,  any of you own one or have a better 
recommendation for an ear 
canal  thermometer?  I am really 95% positive they absolutely would not 
tolerate a  rectal thermometer.
Also, I just wanted to mention that I recently looked over the FeLV Fund  
store, and just loved the "Feline Leukemia is NOT a death sentence" and "There  
is LIFE with Feline Leukemia" messages.  It provides hope.  You all  know I've 
had a rough time with this, and that's a message I needed.  I'm  going to 
order the license plate frame!  Thanks for everything guys, and  I'll email 
when I have an update.

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