I understand exactly where you’re coming from!  Two of my three babies were 
diagnosed  with FeLV last week.  After much  agonizing and listening to sound 
advice from the very educated people here, I’ve  decided to not separate them 
right now.  You can probably gather a LOT of  information if you’ll go to the 
_www.felinleukemia.org_ (   website and read all 
the posts from the last week or so, as my situation was  almost identical to 
As for my personal opinion, I strongly recommend you try  UT CVM if you can 
possibly afford it.  You’ll need a referral from your usual vet to be seen 
there.  Ask your vet to refer you to Internal  Medicine.  I actually got my two 
appointments September 11, and I’ll let everyone know how it goes when I get  
there. It seems like you and I must be pretty close! I live about 40 minutes  
from UT, but I work in Alcoa, probably 15 minutes away from the UT CVM.  I 
really just think UT was the absolute best  care I could give my cats, and so I 
didn't hesitate.  From what I  understand, they will see your kitties for a 
consult and to discuss  treatment options, but most of the treatment and follow 
will be through your  local vet.  Fortunately, my vet graduated from UT CVM, 
so he was very  willing and eager to give me the referral.  I think your doc 
would  probably do the same if you asked.   I think the important thing to 
remember  is, and this came directly from the FeLV website, “Feline Leukemia is 
NOT a  death sentence.”  That was very  important for me to hear that and know 
that.  As for specific information, I’m sure  everyone else, who knows a lot 
more than I do, will be more than willing to  offer advice.  As for support, 
hey,  I’m very close by, feel free to email me any time you need/want to talk.  
understand how devastated you feel  right now, I was the same way on day one…
almost hysterical L   Do  keep everyone informed, ok? 

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