Megan, I'm sorry that I can't help you! I understand your pain and
frustration. It's a horrible place to be in when you don't know which way to
go. Yes, ignorance is bliss, but you will benefit from this down the road
even though it seems more appealing to be in the dark. You'll be a stronger,
better, more compassionate and aware person of your world and your
surroundings. I hate going through these situations. I think, "This can't be
happening. I just want it all to go away." But, it won't, and although this
list has caused you more stress, take peace in knowing that whatever you
decide, you based your choices on education--and that is a wonderful thing. 


Education and learning is power. Can you tell I've been a teacher? If you're
thoughts and ideas and ways of thinking are never challenged, then you'll
never form your own beliefs for your own reasons. If you make this decision
on your own, with your own knowledge that you've gained, you form your own
beliefs in the process and reaffirm your morals and life views. This is what
makes you who you are and builds your character (to use a cliché).  


I know none of this helps you right now. I’m sorry. I wish I could take your
pain away. Hugs and prayers to you and Olive.




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I am endlessly conflicted. I think I'll have resigned myself to something, 

then I'll change my mind, then I decide to do something else, and then I get

on here and feel horrible for not doing anything, so I feel like I really

to now. I have to admit, the list has been helpful, but it's also been

me a lot of stress. If I had never known about this group, then I could've 

just accepted the vet's word and been better able to cope with Olive's

Now I feel like I'm little better than a murderer. It's no fault of you all.

just sort of wish I hadn't joined the list sometimes... It's making it so

harder to not do anything.


I don't know why you brought up the doxy shot. That was never offered to me

an option... The problem with putting her on any meds is that she is going

have to have another transfusion, and it will probably have to be today. I 

don't know if my vet called around for blood--I think he might've called a

places--but a lot of the vets around here don't seem to have donors. I

about five other ones, and only one actually had a donor cat, and they

even know its type. The vet school has blood, but they won't send it to

vets. And I cannot afford going there.


It's getting to the point where I'm going to be too late to help Olive. I

to help her, I really really do, but this is something that I obviously

handle. I don't have tons of money, and I don't have tons of time because of

classes. I'm also inexperienced in matters like this. Nobody is helping me, 

really, and it's making me have a nervous breakdown.


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>Hey Megan,


Make sure you do research on the doxy shot.  The protocol for hemobaronella

3 weeks of consecutive treatment with pills (not sure of the dosage).  How 

long will a doxy shot last?  I would pill her instead, especially if your

doesn't know much about hemobart.  I've never heard of just doing a doxy

and nothing else.  If he is doing the doxy shot in conjuntion with pills,

the treatment will last AT LEAST three weeks, that might be ok.


Immunity doesn't always develop with Epogen.  If it's hemobart, and the doxy

works which it should, is Epogen necessary?  Anyone have any ideas on this?

would do research on this as well.  The stats for immunity to Epogen I think

are 1 in 3 cats, but not sure on this.  Still, if Olive needs it and is

to die without RBC's, I think a 33% chance of reaction is not a bad


Why is it up to you to find a blood donor for your kitty?  We don't go

for a donor when we need blood.  Can't your vet call around and see if he

find some blood at another vet's?  Or can you call around and see if any

have a donor cat that they keep around?  Many do.


I can't say I'm 100% positive on this, but the chance that your other two

still at risk is small because one, they all came from the same litter, and 

I'm betting Olive got it from momma, and two, even if not, chances are

already been exposed and I'm pretty sure they can't be exposed twice to the 

same strain.  Not enough is known on strains yet.





"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change 

the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!" ~~~ Margaret Meade






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