Tracy, So sorry to hear of your losses. It's never easy. At least they are
happy now even if a part of you is lost each time you lose one. What a
trooper you have at home! He must be the Bruce Willis of the bunch!





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I lost two of my FeLV+ cats in the last month, the most recent was today
when I put CW down.  She was beginning to have difficulty breathing due to
severe anemia.  I tried a transfusion (only raised the RBC from 6% to 10%)
and Epogen, but.... today my vet and I could see that she was becoming more
and more uncomfortable and she was extremely pale, I swore that I would not
wait until it was too late, I'd rather be a day or so too early.  We had a
nice three weeks, but today, I could tell the light had gone out in her


Just last month Sylvester died at home and a few months before that, another
FeLV+ cat, Herbie, had to be PTS.


Funny, I have a negative cat (that is 12) with stomach cancer and have been
treating him for more than 18  months (he probably had it at least a year
before).  He has not gone into remission, and we have done EVERY chemo
protocol out there, but it has stopped growing and he is like the energizer
bunny  ...  he keeps going and going and going.  I really expected him to go
long before the other three............  regardless, I miss them all.





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