I'm so sorry to hear about Autumn's troubles. It's so heart-breaking to see
them go through this, and it just doesn't seem fair. How old is little
Autumn? I don't know anything about vets and Interferon, but I do know that
you are a wonderful person for helping this little soul. I hope she
improves, and I hope that you find joy in her small triumphs. Stay strong
for Autumn, and believe that she'll do well. She'll pick up on your
confidence and your vibes, and of course she already knows how much you love
her. Give her a snuggle and a smooch for me.





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Wow it's been a rough time for little Autumn. We just came back from our
second vet visit in two and a half weeks. The first time Autumn was slightly
lethargic with fever and swollen glands so they put her on Amoxicillan. She
responded quickly and perked right up. However, this week she lapsed into
sleeping all the time and retreating into dark places away from people.
Friday she wasn't playing but she was still eating - though not as much.
Saturday we bought her some Innova Evo soft food which she gobbled down.
Yesterday scared me though. She quit eating except for treats and her eyes
looked glassy. She was also vomiting yellow bile. I worried about her
hydration so I used her antibiotic syringe to make her take water. That
seemed to help. Today she wouldn't even eat her treats. We took her in this
morning and the vet gave her Nutri-Cal - she ate it. He also recommended
Pedialyte (unflavored). He was very concerned for her having these kind of
symptoms so young. I asked him about Interferon-A. This is the second vet
we've talked to that doesn't treat with it. I dosed her with the antibiotic
as soon as I got her home and I also gave her more Nutri-cal. She slept
again for about an hour and a half then she got up to come see me and threw
up again. This time I gave her the Pedialyte and more Nutri-cal. She looks
better and she did a little exploring. She didn't retreat to the other room
or her carrier but stayed on the couch. They gave us some prescription food
for sick kitties and I wonder if I should start her on it right away or let
her tummy settle a bit first? 
Emotionally this has been hard. I kept crying every time I thought about
life without her. She brought so much joy to our lives and we love her
dearly. Today I'm doing better because I can actually be Pro-active with the
Pedialyte, NutriCal  and antibiotics. I would give anything to have her
playing with her toys again. 
How do you find a vet who treats with Interferon?
~ Susan A.

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