Bad diarrhea smellis usually a sign of coccidia.

Satan's Minions,how funny!

I have a cat named Minion.

She's mommy's Little Minion  AKAS Bay-Bay.

Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
                                  "As Cleopatra lay in state,
                                   Faithful Bast at her side did wait,
                                   Purring welcomes of soft applause,
                                   Ever guarding with sharpened claws."
                                             Trajan Tennent

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  Thanks Melissa.  I don't have a digital camera- other than a webcam.  Have to 
borrow my mom's and she has come over to take a few pictures of them, so once 
she gets them loaded, I will post those.  These kittens are hilarious...I think 
it's the group dynamic.  One one one with me, away from the others, they are 
darlings.  When out for playtime, they are Satan's Minions!  Yoda is seriously 
the cutest thing I've seen in a long time (second only to the Monkee!) and he 
has this strut!  He struts when he first gets let out of his cage...hilarious!

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