For the first 3 years I was on this list--December 2003--2006--it was
the most informative and supportive group one could ever hope to come
across. It came from "the top": the founder James, co-founders including
Belinda, and several exceptionally well-informed, supportive, generous,
mature individuals who worked really, really, really hard to keep the
support and information flowing to existing and new members. It really
was a marvellous, unique group. Then a mean comment was made by one
member, then another. And the meanness grew and eventually infected the
list. And one by one, many of the stalwarts left. 
Kelly is right---it's no one's job. And everyone is human. The fact of
the matter is that due to meanness and nastiness the list lost some
truly wonderful people and it's a poorer group as a result. It has been
very sad to watch. 
Kerry M.

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On 9/26/07, Megan Heikkinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Most people have left? That's pathetic. Everyone has their opinions,
they can
> be rude, they can get upset, blah blah blah. But aren't we all adults
> Hell, I'm probably the youngest person here, at twenty, and I'm
finding this
> all rather ridiculous.
> Everyone here was really supportive when I was dealing with Olive's
> but it kind of upsets me that even more people could have helped, that
> were people who used to be on here who might have had even better
> than the great ones that I received. Yeah, there probably wasn't much
more I
> could've done for Olive, regardless of what people could tell me. But
> thing is, it's SCARY that people have left over stupid bickering, when
> those people to help us with our sick babies.

But this isn't anyone's *job*.  Yes, there has been talk on other
lists about what will happen to the newbies here without the benefit
of many of the people who have left.  But if someone finds it a toxic
environment I'm not going to tell them it is their responsibility to
be somewhere they find unpleasant.  Most of us work in rescue, or have
multiple sick cats, etc and have a very low tolerance for the stuff
that has been going on here lately.

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