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you are  prescribing medicine without a license.

Wow.  It just doesn't end, does it?  For the record,  twelvehousecats, Susan 
has left the list, so that's one less jab she'll have to  deal with,  due in 
large part I'm sure to statements like that.  This  will likely be my last post 
to this group.  I find the attitudes and  behavior of the "senior" members of 
this list to be discouraging, at  best.   Toe amputation is cruelty to 
animals, period, and virtually  every major animal-rights group (including 
Rescue, ASPCA and PETA)  oppose it.  I will, for those of you that requested 
"scientific"  information, include one last post before I bow out of this 
 See it  at the bottom of the email, if you're really concerned/interested.  
You can  sugar coat it, and ignore the facts if it makes you feel better about 
yourself,  but the bottom line is its cruel, period.
For anyone who's interested, I have started another group on Yahoo.   The URL 
is here:

Let me preface that by saying I am not advocating or asking anyone to leave  
this list. I am not saying the new group is a replacement for this group,  or 
that its any better than this group.  I am simply providing an  alternative 
list if anyone is interested in joining.  I'm sure some of you  might be 
interested in being on both lists.  For me, this was just too  much.  It was 
for.  Susan was one of the first people to  respond to my email when I 
originally joined this group scared out of my mind  and not knowing what to do, 
yeah, I guess I took the attacks on her a bit  personally, and perhaps I 
shouldn't have, but whats done is done, and I don't  think it can be undone at 
point. The ground rules for the new group is  relatively simple, and that is 
no one's opinion will be stifled or silenced, and  the group will be moderated. 
 Also, no one will be judged on the other list  for anything that was said or 
done here, so long as its not brought up  there.  As disgusted and 
disappointed as I am in everything that has  transpired here, I do wish all the 
(and people) on this list the  best.
Michael Roberts

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