>>>It just 
seems like if everyone is really so concerned about all the kitties out
in the world, they would stay on this list just to possibly save a few
more of 
them, even if those kitties belong to people you don't agree with. <<<

It's important to stress that people did not leave because of others
"not agreeing" with them. They left as a result of quite unwarranted
personal attack, that began with just one person, then spread like a
As one of these remarkable people-- and, remember they themselves were
usually in the same desperate situation of doing everything they could
to save their very sick pets -- said, just by mere dint of the fact that
this is a feline leukemia list, people on the list are
vulnerable---they're scared for their dying animals. To be insensitive
to that fact, and disrespectful to one's co-members, is plain
unacceptable. Free speech or not. 
It costs nothing to engage brain before tapping keyboard and hitting
A practical and important point: every email sent to the list, the Qs
and the As, is archived. Since most of the questions asked on the list
have already been asked and patiently answered over and over again --
remember, the people who left the list were among the kindest and most
supportive and responsive people imaginable, acutely aware of the
vulnerability and desperation of new members with newly diagnosed FeLV
cats -- the archive is a truly invaluable resource. I would strongly
encourage all new members to check out the archives.
If anyone would like me to give them some of the names of highly
experienced and well-informed former listmembers to look out for in the
archives in order to narrow down the material, please email me off list
and I'll be happy to oblige.
Kerry M.

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Of course it isn't a job. It's an online mailing list intended for
sharing of 
information and support. In no way whatsoever is it like a job. If it
like one, something is wrong. Really, being on this list and responding
people should not take up that much time, unless you let it. If you DO
spend a 
lot of time helping people, then that shows what a good, caring person
are. But in no way is anyone obligated to spend hours responding to
single question. No one is really obligated to do anything on here, but
do because they care.

Because this is an online list, it's really, really easy to ignore
It's also very, very easy to speak your mind. Internet drama is so easy
spark up. 
I've seen it many a time before. The point is, yes, things said on here
get people pissed off or upset. And I understand, it's not fun doing all
hard work out in the real world and then coming home to see all of this 
animosity in your mailbox. It can be exhausting. If it truly is a
environment, then leaving would probably be a good idea. It would just
be a 
damn shame to lose people simply because everyone can't get along. It
seems like if everyone is really so concerned about all the kitties out
in the world, they would stay on this list just to possibly save a few
more of 
them, even if those kitties belong to people you don't agree with.


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>But this isn't anyone's *job*.  Yes, there has been talk on other
>lists about what will happen to the newbies here without the benefit
>of many of the people who have left.  But if someone finds it a toxic
>environment I'm not going to tell them it is their responsibility to
>be somewhere they find unpleasant.  Most of us work in rescue, or have
>multiple sick cats, etc and have a very low tolerance for the stuff
>that has been going on here lately.
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