I live with 19 felv+ cats in my home, I am an RN and my husband is a
veterinarian specializing in cats and a focus on Felv cats. 

I just got around to joining the list last night after it was suggested a
few weeks ago by my friend Susan Dubose that I might have good resources and
knowledge to offer the group (and just might learn a thing or two myself).
However, it looks like a lot has been going on since that time.  

But the last thing I am going to do is spend more than the two minutes it is
going to take me to write this note and unsubscribe (thank you for the
information below)or to be in a negative environment.  I have never been on
a group where someone has been attacked so personally for their views. Who
needs that? Too busy.

For the record, anyone that intentionally mixes Felv cats with non Felv cats
under anything but the rarest of circumstances is not an animal advocate- no
excuses- they don't have the animals welfare in mind. 

And for declawing cats- well, down here in Austin- we laugh at "wannabe"
groups that call themselves "rescue" and function on the fringes of the
mainstream organizations but we cry for the cats they have mutilated so they
can hurry up and get them adopted. 

But to do this as a routine procedure as part of intake is reprehensible and
a whole different category of disdain!

Our veterinary hospital feels so strongly about declawing that we do not
offer declaw as a service unless it is for medical reasons ( a particular
toe may have to have its claw taken out b/c of injury, trauma, etc)

Best to all of you that are trying to keep this group on topic and refrain
from personal attacks. I would advise you all to establish some guidelines
and perhaps moderate the group for awhile b/c you are going to lose a lot of
good people that can offer some good information when they see what can
happen to "them" should they stray from the mainstream agenda.

Maybe I will see you on the "other" list.


Sheila Smith

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Hi Colby,

If you go to this website:
You can unsubscribe from this list by enetering your email and clicking on
the "Unsubscribe" button.

Hope that helps.
Kat (Mew Jersey)

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> I've been trying to get off this list for about 5 months now, and the mail
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