So sorry to hear about a person who won't listen to suggestions. Usually it
is the owner's problem, not the cat's, that causes these issues. I know
she's not listening, but really, you have to tell her my experience. My
Bandit (10 years old now) was peeing in the heat vent last winter. That was
very unpleasant, but I didn't kick him out. I tried everything I could think
of and took many suggestions. However, the final cure was very very very
simple. The vet prescribed fluoxetine which is kitty Prozac. It didn't make
Bandit dopey or drugged up. It merely took away his anxiety-the cause of his
non-litter box piddles. The vet said that there would probably be no way to
tell what was stressing him out, but that he was clearly anxious. 


It sounds to me as if this lady is just intensifying the situation with her
anxiety as well. I completely understand how it feels to be so frustrated by
the smell of cat urine-imagine it in your heat vent in winter! But sometimes
the solution is so very simple. The meds cost me $6 a month. That's it!
Problem solved. If kitty already has a home, see if you can influence her to
try one last thing. There are so many kitties without homes, and most people
who take in kitties already have a houseful (as most people on this list).


However, if you're still desperate, try Best Friends in Utah. That's where I
took my FeLV+ kitty since I had no facilities at my house to separate him
from the others. He was accepted there, but I understand that getting in is
difficult. You can give it a try.
<>  But, if this is a one-cat household where
they could love kitty if he just went in the right spot, he deserves to be
given a chance. If he goes to a sanctuary, his chances of adoption are slim
because of his FeLV status. But, if you don't think they'll take good care
of him..


Of course, the litter box avoidance could be due to so many other factors
such as a dislike for the brand of litter, a litter box that is not cleaned
frequently enough, a UTI which causes him to feel like he has to go all the
time (that burning feeling), or many other things. But, in my experience it
was a very simple and easy fix. I'm not exaggerating when I say it worked
overnight. One day he was peeing in the heat vent (or on the plastic we used
to cover it); the next day he stopped after the Prozac. Now I hardly ever
give it to him anymore, but he was on it for probably 6 months straight.
That's like $36. Much cheaper than a new rug or heat duct or whatever.


Good luck-keep looking for resources. It's difficult. It's great that you
are trying to help these people. You sound compassionate. Please keep in
mind that I am not a vet, and I am only telling you my story. Each case is
naturally different; plus you won't be able to get the drugs without the
approval of a vet anyway.





Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 11:25 PM
Subject: seeking home for adult feluk positive cat - family doesn't
careabout him 


Seeking home for an adult feluk positive cat (this is not my cat). Male,
neutered, grey and white, 4 year old cat named scooter.  Family especially
the wife wants to get rid of cat.  Cat has been living mostly outdoors, due
to the fact he doesn't always use his litter box, though has been using it
since the wife sent the rug out for a cleaning.  Wife doesn't like the cat
and doesn't really care for it.  Tested positive on elisa and IFA.  Urine
tested and nothing unusal, possibly behavioral problemn (with rug?  the wife
will not listen to suggestions).  Will bring cat to the vet for blood test
and another wellness check before giving him to a new home.  He needs
someone to finally love him and care for him.  Very nice cat.  Willing to
travel, food, toys and carrier will be included with him.  He lives in the
new york area.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Have contacted other
rescues and sanctuaries but no response.
Thank you


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