I'm with MC on this.  This has been a problem on other lists that I am on and 
fortunately the mods are willing to kick people to the curb if they are giving 
out questionable advice, especially without some sort of express disclaimer.  
Newbies do not understand that advice may be very wrong.  Often they are 
looking for any glimmer of hope and would willingly buy snake oil if they 
thought it might save a cat they loved.

MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  for many years, none of us had any 
problem saying, "in my opinion," or, "this is what my vet recommended, " or 
"this is what has worked for me"--and newcomers do NOT know that there are no 
vets on the list, they do NOT know when they are being given flat-out WRONG 
information. there has been DANGEROUS, in some cases possibly life-threatening 
information put out on this list in the past few months by people who presented 
it as if it had been handed to them on stone tablets. 

there is a HUGE difference between a suggestion, and the kind of proclamations 
that have become the norm on the list.

  On 9/27/07, Melissa Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:        I think we all can 
agree that an unspoken disclaimer exists in this community. None of us is a 
vet. We give advice based upon experience. It is understood that we are not 
prescribing anything as a vet would. If a person does not agree with a 
suggestion for a sick cat, it is his/her choice to speak up. The only way we 
learn is though the suggestions of members here. As you ALL know, there are so 
many varied experiences with many different ailments that it helps to have a 
wide range of suggestions. No one on this list claims to be the be-all-end-all 
of veterinary medicine. We are only doing the best we can with what we know. 
Some of us are new to this, so the suggestions of veteran members are 
appreciated, and the variety of opinions is valuable. If you do not agree with 
the suggestions below, please just give your advice to the contrary.
  This is all getting so stupid. I'm thinking about leaving to go to Michael's 
list too. I'll hang around and see if things improve here, but the drama is 
unbearable at this point. Even after Susan D. has left the group, we are still 
arguing about this! Enough already.
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To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
Subject: Re: OT: Kitten Question

  you are prescribing medicine without a license.
    On 9/25/07, Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
  Hi Caroline,

Have the little kittens had a fecal yet?

If not, I recommend getting one performed. 

Coccidia, Giardia & spirokettes(?) are all possibilities.

Sometimes when you first get kittens, they can have normal poops,even w/one
of the above problems or all of them,however, the diarrhea can start days 
even weeks later.

Coccidia would need Albon,make sure that the doasge is correct for their
weight due to it being a sulfur based drug and it can cause liver problems.
However, the first dosage will need to be *double* ,if that makes sense. 

Ask your vet for some Hills' moist w/d to help w/ the diarrhea, which will
help form stools plus they still will get *some* the necessary moisture that
they need.

You also might want togive them a bit of Pedialyte,this will give them the 
necessary electrolytes that they are losing.

Kittens can crash very easily due to dehydration.

Let me knowif you have any questions, goodl luck!

Susan in Texas that doesn't know what she is talking about,as usual....... 

Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
                                  "As Cleopatra lay in state,
                                   Faithful Bast at her side did wait,
                                   Purring welcomes of soft applause, 
                                   Ever guarding with sharpened claws."
                                             Trajan Tennent

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Subject: Re: OT: Kitten Question

Hi Caroline,

They may still be reacting to the antibiotics/amoxi.  It tends to wipe out
the good gut bacteria with the baddies.  Try adding some probiotics to
their food, or maybe try some plain yogurt with live cultures to help 
rebuild the good gut bacteria.

Kat (Mew Jersey)

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Caroline Kaufmann wrote:

> Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:54:31 -0400
> From: Caroline Kaufmann < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Reply-To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org 
> Subject: OT: Kitten Question
> I am down to three foster kittens now as one was integrated to the on-site
> adoption facility (the pet supply store) on Saturday.  He was bigger and
> totally healthy and getting to be too much for me because he was the
> instigator and a bad influence on the other ones.  He was a  B/W little
> Kittler, so it figures!
> Of the three I have now, they seem to be having a touch of diarrhea?  And 
> I don't know what the cause is?  I'm not doing anything different with
> them.  They all get fed Wellness Wet Kitten food and Eagle Pack Holistic
> dry kitten.  Each gets about a half of the small can of Wellness in the 
> a.m., and the same in the evening.  When I leave for work, after they have
> eaten the Wet food, they get the Eagle Dry- kind of free choice because
> they stay in crates when I am not home, so I like to leave them with some 
> food.  They are all drinking water fine, except for when they tip their
> waters over, but I don't think they go too long before I am able to get
> home and refill them and it doesn't happen every day (I just ordered "coop 
> cups" from Revival, so these should solve that problem).
> On their wet food in the am I sprinkle L-Lysine free form powder and
> Brewer's yeast (and have been doing this for weeks now).  In the pm, I do 
> the same, but add a sprinkled on gel cap of Colostrum- about 290 mgs each.
> I just placed an order for "Just Born with Colostrum" and will be
> switching them to that when I get it.
> I think, but am not for sure, that they are June babies and I don't know 
> if they are from the same litter- 2 might be, but I don't know for sure.
> The smallest now weighs 2.8 (and I should not that this is the only one
> that hasn't been fixed yet because it weighed too little, but now with me, 
> it's a little eating and growing machine!).  The biggest- Yoda- the first
> one I took in that I thought might die (weighed 2.4 lbs and they had him
> on the floor for adoption!?! with a raging URI!), anyway, he now weighs 
> 3.6 lbs and I've had him since Labor Day Weekend!!!!  He's a growing
> monster.
> So they all have healthy appetites and they are all gaining weight and
> getting noticeably bigger.  They run and play like maniacs (they have so 
> MUCH energy!  My mom tells me to stop pumping them full of vitamins and
> supplements!) when I let them out of their crates twice a day for
> play-time.  They are all well now-- it took 2 weeks to 14 days to bust 
> those URI's out of them, but I finally did it.  I stopped the Amoxicillin
> well over a week ago, so it can't be that causing the diarrhea?  But now
> they seem to be having soft stools, if not actual diarrhea.  Yoda seems to 
> be having the diarrhea more (I can tell with him because he has a crate to
> himself and the other two share one).  My first foster cat- which I guess
> I am keeping (!), she's 1 now and no longer a "kitten" but a big, healthy 
> mature cat-- she gets the same protocol of supplements, except she gets
> fed 1/4 can of regular adult Wellness in the am and pm and free choice
> Wellness Dry Core.  She mingles with the kittens now during "play-time" 
> and she is not having any diarrhea.
> Does anyone have any thoughts about a possible cause of diarrhea and what
> I can do about it?
> I'd appreciate some help!  I haven't had kittens since I was 10, so I just 
> don't know much about them...
> -Caroline
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