I can't address the vaccinations that Autumn got but my holistic vets are 
recommending titers to determine what a cat needs.  Apparently a lot of animals 
are having trouble with vaccinations.  Others on the list can address this 
better than I.  Dixie tested FeLV+ and will never receive another vaccination.  
Two other little friends, one with cancer and the other with auto-immune 
hemophilic anemia, stopped receiving vaccinations when we found out their 
immune systems were compromised.    Any critters coming into my life will have 
titers run before we do any vaccinations.  

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  Since Autumn has been sick the vet didn't want to give her her booster. The 
first time she got sick was two days after her first shots. She was found 
outside and was relatively healthy. Has anyone else had problems with a cat 
with viremia and vaccinations? Just curious. 

  ~Susan A.

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