I switched to Wellness wet when I realized that all my cats were turning
into little porkos!   LOL  I figured they didn't need all those fillers.
They love the Wellness & I really saw differences in their coats.  However,
they really don't like the dry Wellness for some reason.  I give them very
little dry food (late night munchies for their teeth!) anyway and it works
out OK.  Only problem I had was finding Wellness food.  I was ordering
online until I found a small pet shop locally who can order it for me.  Its
more expensive than other foods but quite frankly, I find they don't eat as
much of it as they do other wet foods.  They seem to be satisfied with less
of it.  Generally, I feed wet food twice a day & I end up using two large
cans maximum for 5 cats.  I know they don't want more cause if I put out
more, they walk away--& trust me, they're not the walk away from food


They also love Fancy Feast & Sheba, and sometimes, just for a change, I'll
give them some of that.  And then of course, there's the extra piece of fish
or steak or whatever that they occasionally get in lieu of Wellness..  LOL


Christiane Biagi


Cell:  914-720-6888



Katrina Animal Reunion Team (KART)



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[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Caroline Kaufmann
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 2:13 PM
To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
Subject: RE: Engystol & Quality Foods


My cat and kittens really love the Wellness brand wet food (reccomended by
my Holistic vet).  And I mean they LOVE it!  They eat it as if it's one of
the brands like Sheba or Fancy Feast-- they just freak out over it.  You can
also tell it's such a high-quality food just by the look of it and the
smell...some varieties, like the adult wet formula, the one that has Lobster
in it-- really smells like human food...it's crazy.  It's pretty expensive
though.  I have my one year adult cat on Wellness adult wet and Wellness
Core dry- which is Wellness's new high-protein food that is trying to take
account for the "raw food" diet and translate that, as best it can, into a
dry cat food.  I have had this one year old cat since the end of July and
she came to me (as a two-time owner surrender) as skinny, frail, tiny
necked, underweight more than a kitten-than-a-cat.  Already, she's packed on
tons of muscle, but no extra weight.  She's matured into an adult cat
overnight almost and she's not longer skinny and wimpy-- she's tough and
beefy and all filled-out, but she doesn't have an once of fat on her body.
It's been really great to watch the transition and I do think it's all due
to her diet, supplements and her happy home life.  


Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:06:03 -0700
Subject: Engystol & Quality Foods
To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org

I took my little 2 year old, Bea, to a holistic/hemopathetic vet last night.
He said she is doing very well and doesn't show any signs of the illness -
thank God!

He put her on Transfer Factor Plus (which many of you had mentioned, thank
you) and also Engystol.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of Engystol before or are currently
using it?


He also gave me a very LARGE list of better quality foods wet/dry to put her

Does anyone have a particular brand they like over another? Pros/Cons to any


I also wanted to share something he said to me. We were getting ready to
leave and I asked if there was anything special I should do for her? He said
"Yes, she doesn't know she is sick - so don't treat her like she is".

I immediately burst into tears, this vet is a keeper.








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