I have no idea?  I guess I just have to wait and see and keep working the vet.  
I can always take him to Monkee's Holistic Vet next week if we don't get 
anywhere with the regular vet.  Second opinion.
I'll tell him you sent his regards, but I don't think he will care!  The 
funniest thing is that the little monster feels fine!  He's super Yoda!  He's 
eating like a pig still, drinking water (out of his coup cup already!) and 
sleeping normally.  He plays like a maniac...attacking the other kittens like 
it's his job.  He wrestles with Izzee and continues to scream like a little 
baby girl when they are going at it (his usual routine)!  He just has diarrhea 
after he eats....but he doesn't seem to care!  He acts like nothing is out of 
order.  He cracks me up.  And I know what he is like when he is ill because 
that is the condition he first came to me in...struggling to breathe, wanting 
to sleep all the time, but having restless sleep, never playing at all...just 
wanting to lay on my chest and be a sick-baby and wanting Izzee to cuddle him 
(which she wanted nothing to do with!).  Those days are long gone and I miss 
them, but know it's better to have a maniac cat on my hands then a sicky-poo!  
Hopefully, because of this history with him, I will be able to tell if/when 
he's starting to feel really crappy.

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: Kitten update Take 2 Date: Fri, 
28 Sep 2007 16:38:13 -0600

poor baby.
could it be a food allergy? ibd?
can you feed him an unusual protein to see if that helps?
I had an ibd cat for 6 years. Finally, home prepared food did the trick.
www.catnutrition.org has a great recipe.
My best.
So frustrating for ou and scarey for him. He must not feel very good...sweet 
baby. prayers for you both.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Caroline Kaufmann 
To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org 
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 3:34 PM
Subject: Kitten update Take 2 
I got the results of Yoda's fecal back and it's totally negative- even the 
flotation.  Now I don't know what to do and I pretty much told the Doctor that 
("what do I do!?").  He doesn't seem to think it's from the antibiotic.  Yoda 
was the first started on it at Labor Day and he was on it 10 days, so he's been 
off it a long time.  I was also surprised that none of the kittens had diarrhea 
while actually on Amoxy (Monkee always got soft stools when on Clavamox).  
Anyway, he said it could be a virus of some kind, but it's definitely not 
bacterial or parasites.  He asked about their exposure- which is basically 
nill, so he was fine with that.  He said it could still be giardia because that 
doesn't show up in a fecal-- that they need the sample immediately because 
giardia is "like bubbles" and you can see them really clearly under a 
microscope if you get the sample immediately-- pretty much from butt to 
microscope (that's what he said- not me)-- but within a few seconds, they start 
to burst I guess and then you can't see them.  This is how he described it.  I 
told him the diarrhea smells HORRIBLE and he said "hmmmm..."  He wanted to know 
when it started and I guessed about Monday.  He said that is not too much time 
so he isn't worried yet.  He said to try giving them all Liquid Immodium AD- 
1/4 teaspoon and see if that helps.  If not, we will try some other things (I 
guess looking for giardia).   I'm going to give it this weekend I guess.  I 
have two thoughs: #1) it's a random virus that they could have picked up when 
we went to Sat. cat adoption day.  Although I kept all mine in a separate pen 
and they did not meet any of the condo cats at the store, they were in the same 
general area and if it's possible they could get an airborne stomach virus just 
by being in the same area, maybe that's it?  #2) it's giardia and the vet will 
need Yoda's actual butt to diagnosis it! I came home early from work and Yoda 
had yet another diarrhea in his box.  He was eating dry crunchies when I came 
in.  I immediately gave everyone their Immodium.  No sooner had I done that and 
Yoda had two more separate piles of even runnier, smellier diarrhea (and not to 
mention, he trashed his crate afterward-- he does it on purpose)!  Urgh.  He 
gets away with it because he's cuter than cute and the lil b*stard knows it!  I 
know I need to give the Immodium more of a chance...but still?!   If it 
continues this weekend, I will just drop Yoda off on Monday and say, "here's 
his butt...have at it; I'm sure he'll give you a 'sample' in all of like 2 
minutes!"   One of grey ones that are crated together threw up dry food this 
morning-- just a little bit of it and into their water bowl.  It happened while 
I was at work so I don't know who did it.  No one has ever thrown up since I've 
had them.  I don't know if it means anything tho-- it really looked like the 
cat just ate too fast without chewing because the crunchies were all pratically 
whole! Awwww kittens...they are so much trouble!  I guess I rested on my 
laurels with them after we beat the URIs so I probably deserve this!  Happily 
tho, I now got my "coop cups" in the mail so no more spilling our waters and 
trashing our crates and barfing in our waters!  I'm so excited!  I get as 
excited about my online pet-care deliveries as I used to get about my clothing 
purchases that I couldn't afford!  I guess that means I've matured?  Or maybe 
my priorities are just more admirable now!  I also got my "Just Born" in the 
mail and I'm starting them on that tonight! -Caroline 

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