oh, heavens! i'm so glad you got the opportunity to save her at least......
it's awful when they do the inside-the-walls thing, and scary to all the
humans and critters involved.....

just purr a lot for your hubby when he gets home...

On 9/29/07, dede hicken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't know if anyone remembers or not, but when we
> moved to NY from FL in April, our little black long
> haired yellow eyed Gemini was left behind.  My friend
> who ran the rescue group I worked with took her back
> to the shelter.
> Unfortunately, the shelter changed hands, and they
> have some serious problems.  Gemini had gotten inside
> a wall.  She came out at nite, but must have been
> petrified.  I had someone pick her up 3 wks ago, and
> take her to the vet.  She had lost a lb. had severe
> gingivitis with pus, and fleas.  They had to extract 8
> teeth.  She is all fixed up now.
> As we speak, my DH is heading to the Albany airport
> from Jax, Fl.  with our sweetheart.  He had quite a
> time in Security..."Would you please take the cat out
> of the carrier?"   Duh "No sir!!"  They put him in a
> room and frisked him and checked the carrier.  Cat got
> loose behind some boxes, but they got her.
> I know he will be in a nasty mood..1 1/2 hrs drive
> from Albany.  He left yesterday, and back today.  BUT,
> we have the cat.  Amen.
> Dede
> "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the
> service of your God"
>                    Mosiah 2:17
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