Prayers going out that Gemini makes it home safely and settles in quickly and 

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I don't know if anyone remembers or not, but when we
moved to NY from FL in April, our little black long
haired yellow eyed Gemini was left behind.  My friend
who ran the rescue group I worked with took her back
to the shelter. 

Unfortunately, the shelter changed hands, and they
have some serious problems.  Gemini had gotten inside
a wall.  She came out at nite, but must have been
petrified.  I had someone pick her up 3 wks ago, and
take her to the vet.  She had lost a lb. had severe
gingivitis with pus, and fleas.  They had to extract 8
teeth.  She is all fixed up now.

As we speak, my DH is heading to the Albany airport
from Jax, Fl.  with our sweetheart.  He had quite a
time in Security..."Would you please take the cat out
of the carrier?"   Duh "No sir!!"  They put him in a
room and frisked him and checked the carrier.  Cat got
loose behind some boxes, but they got her.  

I know he will be in a nasty mood..1 1/2 hrs drive
from Albany.  He left yesterday, and back today.  BUT,
we have the cat.  Amen.


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