It is a fact that many kittens that test pos at 8 weeks will test neg. at 16 weeks...
Some people say 6 months to be sure but from my personal experience the
test at 16 weeks is about 80% accurate....

A word about Jeni... She is very active in short term fostering and holding
kitties until she can get them in a no kill shelter... She is probably responsible for saving more kitties from PTS in one month than most of us are in a lifetime...
She probably already has both pos and neg. kitties isolated from each other
in her home and what these kitties need is a home that has neither pos or
neg. as they can go either way in the next few weeks....
This might be a great opportunity for some people who have said that they
have worked with FeLV but currently don't have any to help out for just a short
while to see which way they go...
I believe these kitties are in the NYC, Long Island area.....

Kelley Saveika wrote:

I'm sorry, I should have given a cite for this.  My vet says testing
cats of less than 3 months is not recommended.  I can't find anything
on the Internet to cooberate.  Anyone hear of this before?

On 10/1/07, Kelley Saveika <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
If they are 8-9 weeks old, SNAP tests are very inaccurate.  I would
not even bother testing a kitten that age.  They need to be retested
in 6 months to see if they are actually positive or not.

On 10/1/07, JENI RECA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Just when I found placement for the adult feluk positive, now three kittens 
need placement.  The woman was going to take them to the vet to pts them, but I 
told her I would take them and find a home for them.  They are about 8-9 weeks 
old and tested positive yesterday.  Need help yet again.  They are tabbys and 
very cute.  I am picking them up from the lady today, I don't know if they are 
boys are or girls yet.  I know they are a little scared, she found them in her 
backyard. There are actually five, but I can't take all five.  She might try to 
find a home for the other two.  Anyone out there want one, two or three kittens 
to add to their home.  Willing to travel, food included, will spay/neutered 
Thank you
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