Hello All!
Autumn is doing great. She's learned to play fetch with her mousies. I've
never had a cat do that before. I think sometimes she's a little bored with
us humans. I feel bad that we can't get her a friend. We've gotten her some
free-standing toys and play with her often. Anyone else have tips for
keeping her entertained? She's about 12 weeks.
I found this article about Mega C Plus. Has anyone ever treated with that
before? Has it been discredited?I tried to research it myself, but could
find no supporting data or anything saying it didn't work.
Hope all are doing well!
I know she has a chance to throw the virus but the vets thought it was a bad
sign when she had a couple of episodes with sickness so early in her life.
Has anyone had a cat that was symptomatic so early on go negative later?

Thank You,
Susan A.

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