HI Michael

I am way behind on emails, but I will respond to the Baytril question.
Junior is currently on Baytril it kills all the good bacteria in the gut and
gives him diarreah. So As soon as he gets on this I get him on probiotics.
He has not had any diarrhea. His dosage is 22.7mg per day. I have read some
about the dangers, but he is already mostly blind from an infection he had
in the early stages of his FELV infection.

By the way everyone. Junior had his one year anniversary of on 10/6. He
tested positive a year ago on that date. He is currently battling a URI.

I will go back and read Whitey's story.


> Ok, guys, here's an updated on "Whitey" (Ugh, I hate thatname, but Jeff
> won't let me change it now), 24 hours into the "intervention" ;)
> I've done a lot of thinking, and soul searching.  And I've decided I'm not
> gonna put him back outside, or make any effort to contact his "owners."
> I've decided they don't deserve animals, and I even seriously considered
> reporting them to the humane society, but figured I'd best just get him
> better and leave it alone as long as they don't make a fuss over it.  He
> still has a long road to recovery, but once we get him better, I'm either
> gonna keep him in the sunroom (and figure out a way to make an "outside"
> area for him, or hopefully find him a good home.  Jeff is trying to convince
> his mother to take him.  Its a very quiet house with no other animals, and I
> know he'd be taken good care of there, and Jeff would see him often.  We
> don't know if she'll say yes, but right now we're just focused on getting
> him healed.  I even offered to provide his food and litter to sweeten the
> deal :)
> Anyway, I spoke with the vet and Jeff yesterday when I got home and got a
> bit more details.  Apparently not only does he have hyperthyroidism, a
> benign tumor on his thyroid, severe gingivitis, teeth needing pulled, severe
> ear infection, and a grade 3 heart murmur, but he also has mouth ulcers. :(
> The vet said he's surprised the fella can even eat.  But let me tell you,
> that boy eats :)  He's been eating Sheba and drinking catmilk as fast as I
> can give it to him, several times a day.  He's just acting completely at
> home in the sunroom!  He's not once yeowled or tried to get out.  He's found
> his "spot" out there, and he's been quite content!  I've been paying closer
> attention to the fella, and I do believe he's hard of hearing. I don't think
> he's completely deaf, but I do believe he has hearing problems.  For
> starters, Jeff was vacuuming the indoor/outdoor carpet out there, and he
> just laid there and slept.  You can open the door and call him in a low
> voice and he doesn't respond, but if you yell, he looks up.  He's also using
> the litterbox.  Hallelujah!  lol  I was afraid he'd never figure it out
> after being outside so long.  Jeff set up a webcam out there so we can keep
> an eye on him while we're in the house :)  (I'll send you guys a link if
> Jeff ever figures out how to connect it to the internet and not just our
> personal wireless network.) I think cleaning out his ears as helped some
> with the imbalancing.  He's still wobbly, but seems much better than he
> was!  I swear, he just amazes me.  I can't imagine what a rough life this
> little guy must have had up to this point...and for him to be so calm, and
> loving, after living through such hell, it just says he's a very special
> boy.
> A couple of questions now....
> 1. The vet put him on Baytril for the infection/mouth ulcers.  I know you
> guys are familiar with it....what are the side effects, what do I need to
> look for?  Is that the broad spectrum antibiotic that kills the good
> intestinal bacteria as well?  do I need to get some yogurt and/or
> probiotics? :)
> 2. How long should he go before I get concerned about the litterbox use?
> He's peed in it, but so far hasn't had a bowel movement.  He's not been out
> there even 24 hours yet, so I'm not too terribly concerned, but how long do
> you guys think I should wait before I start to worry?
> Michael
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