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I'm thinking Innova Evo canned is going to the the highest,  without grains 
of course.  Let us know if you find something with  more.  I am hoping he 
doesn't have FIP, but be careful of the corona  virus titer.  I have seen 
say here that that is NOT an indication  of FIP.  You might look in the 
for this.  Getting his  infection gone will be the best thing because then 
you will know from his  bloodwork what you are really dealing with.  Glad his 
thyroid is  normal.  I have seen incorrect thyroid results, where the kitty 
showed  hyperT but was not, but it's rare.

I actually found Solid Gold Tuna to be the highest protein content at  around 
13.5%.  The Innova EVO and (surprisingly) Science Diet Kitten and  Purina Pro 
Plan kitten formula all hover at around 12%.  He's had a little  bit of all 
of them :)

As for the FIP, I've been doing a bit of reading myself, and not to worry,  
regardless of the elisa titer results, I'm not going to assume its FIP unless  
he's more symptomatic.  He's definitely making progress.  He's taken 8  days 
worth of his antibiotic now, and has 3 days left.  He's still a little  
"wobbly" and can't quite walk straight, but he IS walking, and that's definate  
progress!  Still eating well and using the litterbox.  He really is a  trooper! 
is NOT liking that PetzLife oral care gel at ALL.  But  the funny thing is as 
mad as he gets at me, as soon as I'm done, he comes right  back and lays down 
in my lap, even though I'm making him do things he doesn't  like.  Says a lot 
about his loving personality, doesn't it?  My  three siamese in the house 
wouldn't look at me for hours if I done that to them!  LOL

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