I pray your surgery goes well!  Please let us know if you need anything.  Is 
someone going to be able to help you out with your kitties and Eric?

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Hi everyone
Today I found a home for a kitten that showed up literally on my doorstep last 
Friday. I had just taken on Pewter 2 months ago. She cost me a bit more than I 
could afford. She spread her ear mites around and I had to do Revolution for 
everyone. She is now done with her shots and just has the spay left. The new 
cat, a cute buff and white male, went to a girl at work who also had a few 
I am having surgery Oct 24. for a hernia. It should be interesting, because 
there will be two helpless people in the same house. I cannot stay elsewhere, 
because Eric cannot look after the cats by himself. I am at a nice 11 cat 
Junior passed his one year milestone 10/6/07. He is battling a herpes outbreak 
brought in my stress. New cat in the house. Junior now hisses at everyone. He 
had a coughing fit a little while ago. He was drinking water and I think he 
choked. He coughed hard enough to poop out a turd. He seems ok now. Tiny died 
during what I first though was goinf to ge a coughing fit, so I was worried. 
Well that is all. for now.

Sally, Eric (not a cat),Junior, Speedy, Grey and White, Ittle Bitty, Little 
Black, Lily, Daisy, Silver, and  Spike  Visit my BB for some pictures post your 
as well.

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