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Hello. My vet does only one vaccination at a time and does them  separately 
from the spay/neuter. He goes 2-4 weeks between each vaccination  and the 
altering. Is there any point in vaccinating him for feline leukemia? I  would 
hesitant, I guess. Just my opinion. I only do the distemper series  and rabies 
now. I am considering discontinuing all vaccinations for my immune  compromised 
cats (allergies and asthma).  All my cats have had the feline  leukemia in 
earlier years. None have been vaccinated for it since 2001.

Laurie, I'm vaccinating him for FeLV because I do have two positive cats in  
the house.  Granted, he's isolated in a separate area, I'd still just feel  
better, considering his close proximity to the virus, having him  vaccinated.
Jane, I'm not sure what you're asking when you ask how I posted his  
picture??  The pic was taken in the vet's office with a camera phone, which  
Jeff sent 
to me.  I then inserted the pictures in an email and sent  them.  Whitey is 
living in my sunroom, so taking pictures isn't hard.   I'm sorry if I'm missing 
the point of what you're asking? 

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