I get mine thru my holistic vet which is no help to you.  However, you can do a 
Google search.

Re: vaccinations.  There is no way I would ever consider vaccinating a cat with 
a compromised immune system and I have regular as well as holistic vets who 
support this decision.  If she is an indoor cat you have very little to be 
concerned with.  I would take the odds and just ignore the vaccinations.     

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  Hey Everyone,

     Thank you so much for the support and kind messages. Autumn has finally 
recovered and is no longer in pain. Her vets keep pushing me to give her 
vaccinations, but shortly after she has them she gets sick! I don't think they 
are using dead vaccines,  which is recommended for FELV+. I don't understand 
why most vets don't do more to educate themselves about this disease. Hopefully 
the Feline Omega Interferon becomes FDA approved and be readily available. 
Where do most people get their Transfer Factor Plus? 
  We are looking for a specialist for Autumn, but they are hard to find in our 
area. Thank you again. She is a healthy, happy 15 week old. Cute as a button 
and highly rambunctious! She used to sleep on the floor, but now she sleeps in 
the bed curled up against my neck and when she sleeps deeply her little tongue 
sticks out. So cute! 

  ~Susan A.

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