Dear friends,

My cat kitty with Felv is doing fine at the moment.  But I was wondering if 
anyone could give me any information on a kitten with an enlarged heart, also 
with some fluid around it.

In the beginning of September my daughter rescued three little kittens all 
girls, my new little granfurbabies.  One is now 22 weeks and the other two are 
now 16 weeks (these two are sisters).  My daughter noticed one of the little 
sisters (Leia) was making a funny sound periodically so she took her to the vet 
today and he x-rayed her and said she had fluid around her heart and that the 
heart was also enlarged.  The vet said there is no murmur and as far as he was 
concerned there does not seem to be any blockage.

He said her heart seems to be working over time this is why it is enlarged, he 
told my daughter not to worry unless the little kitten opens her mouth and 
starts to pant then she should bring Leia back.

Would anyone have any kind of info on this.  I feel (and I could be wrong) that 
there may be something else that could be done.  The vet said Leia is to young 
to be giving any kind of Meds .   I don't want my daughter's heart  (or mine ) 
to be broken if he is wrong.

The vet told my daughter not to worry that Leia could grow out of this.  
Enlarged heart with fluid around it...I do feel worried.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thank You

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