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felvtalk@felineleukemia.org> Subject: Re: Kitten with an enlarged heart...> 
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 19:52:57 -0600>> My best advice is to keep Leia's life 
as stress-free as possible. THAT> should slow down her heart rate.....>> This 
may not be what your kitten has....my elder cat Keisha had fluid around> her 
heart. It was congestive heart failure. Hers manifested in respiratory> 
distress. It can be treated but not cured. Keisha was over 11 when> diagnosed. 
I took her in the day after her purr sounded like it was echoing> inside her 
and I heard a clicking noise when I put my head to her chest. She> was also 
eating less and seemed to be in pain when moving her rear legs. An> xray 
revealed fluid around her lungs. Keisha was also asthmatic and horribly> 
allergic to many things. We also found a lung mass on her xray. It was> 
cancer.....so, different from your kitten.>> Lucy has a valentine shaped heart. 
We discovered this with a chest xray as> part of an annual check up. She had no 
symptoms. Her diagnosis is HCM and I> forget what the H stands for. The rest 
is: cardiomyopathy. She is almost 10.> She recently started medication to slow 
down her very fast heart rate (220> beats per minute). It is working great (now 
120 beats per minute) and she is> the happiest she's been for a long time. 
Risk: she could go into congestive> heart failure. We have to keep her stress 
level low. We may be able to> discontinue her meds at some point.>> A friend's 
cat 2 year old cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur. She was on> heart 
medicine for awhile and is doing great without it now. The main thing> with her 
is she needs to be monitored if under anesthesia and stress kept to> a 
minimum.>> My sister's cat also has a heart problem and is taking the same med 
Lucy is.> He is doing fine. He's 12 or older.>> You could ask for or find a 
specialist. A cardiologist or an internal> medicine specialist ...if you want 
to get a second opinion. Lucy goes to an> internal med doctor. She prescribed 
her meds in treat form. Lucy eats them> like a treat. Easy.>> I try not to 
worry but to get informed. I think my cats sense my worry.....I> also think I 
can invite the very thing I dread if I give it too much> attention. Peace,> 
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Friday, October 26, 2007 7:03 PM> Subject: Kitten with an enlarged heart...>>>> 
Dear friends,>> My cat kitty with Felv is doing fine at the moment. But I was 
wondering if> anyone could give me any information on a kitten with an enlarged 
heart,> also with some fluid around it.>> In the beginning of September my 
daughter rescued three little kittens all> girls, my new little granfurbabies. 
One is now 22 weeks and the other two> are now 16 weeks (these two are 
sisters). My daughter noticed one of the> little sisters (Leia) was making a 
funny sound periodically so she took her> to the vet today and he x-rayed her 
and said she had fluid around her heart> and that the heart was also enlarged. 
The vet said there is no murmur and> as far as he was concerned there does not 
seem to be any blockage.>> He said her heart seems to be working over time this 
is why it is enlarged,> he told my daughter not to worry unless the little 
kitten opens her mouth> and starts to pant then she should bring Leia back.>> 
Would anyone have any kind of info on this. I feel (and I could be wrong)> that 
there may be something else that could be done. The vet said Leia is> to young 
to be giving any kind of Meds . I don't want my daughter's heart> (or mine ) to 
be broken if he is wrong.>> The vet told my daughter not to worry that Leia 
could grow out of this.> Enlarged heart with fluid around it...I do feel 
worried.>> Any info would be appreciated.>> Thank You> Liz.>> 
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Thank you once more Laurie for taking the time to help.  I will forward your 
email to my daughter.  We live in Canada so we will have to scout around for a 
specialist , thank you for all your advice.

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