Hey Dawn,

I searched the archives for 'Chicago' and found the info below. It's from 
Kerry, who I consider a trusted member of this group, and has been here on and 
off for at least two years:

Belinda--I'm sorry to hear about yr friend's bad experience. Awful, but it 
doesn't surprise me any more. I've used Drs Dodin and Dr Rovner for years and 
trust and like them both. They were at Higgins till recently and have both left 
(owner is a jerk-- tell your friend to avoid Dr Humphrey Roberts, the owner of 
Also tell her to avoid McKillips Animal Hospital, and the Mayfair clinic.)
But tell me where your friend lives and when I get back (22nd) I'll see if I 
can help further with nearer clinics. Kerry
Dr Dodin can be contacted at Abell Animal Hospital, 773 631 6727.
Scott Rovner, owner of Roscoe Village Animal Hospital, 3131 N Clybourn (almost 
next door to Emergency Clinic) tel 773 549 3131. Problem: his clinic is very 
new, and still a work-in-progress, and he may not be available every day.
Another housecall vet I've not used but that comes very highly recommended by a 
close friend who had to have her dog PTS. Dr Alisse Mawrence, 773 575 7387. She 
does evenings and weekends too. But she can take some time to respond -- she 
also works at Chicago Emergency Services.
Doctor Teuber at Higgins, 1705 W. Belmont (Paulina & Belmont), tel: 773 525 
0472.  I've only seen her once (yesterday) but i liked her. She was easy to 
talk to and responsive to ideas.
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>    Kerry when you get back from your trip, I would really like to know > what 
> vets you have seen, I just had a friend move to Chicago and she has > had 
> some horro experiences finding a vet she can trust.
> --
>  Belinda
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Hi all
You may remember I sent out an email last week about a bad vet clinic in 
Chicago, McKillips. I sent the same email to a PAWS counsellor in Chicago, and 
she left me a message saying she'd never had  a"good feeling" about that 
clinic, and went on to say that people who had adopted a PAWS cat in the past 
recently took the cat to McKillips. The problem was "blockage"--and McKillips 
recommended, and then carried out, removal of the cat's penis. Has anyone heard 
of such a "remedy" for "blockage"? It seems extraordinary, to put it mildly. 
I'd welcome any/all feedback. Thanks, Kerry

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