I use the Cat Care Clinic here in Madison and LOVE THEM.  They are fabulous.  
One of the vets has had FeLV+ kits of her own (I don't know if she does right 
now) and they are all very open to patient parents' bringing in information 
about potential treatments etc.

here's their website and #/email
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I was wondering if anyone lived in the Far Northern Chicago area or Southern 
Wisconsin area (I live on the border of IL & WI) that knows of a vet that is 
familiar and treats FeLV.
I found a holisitc vet who I am happy with but would like a traditional vet. My 
current one doesn't deal much with FeLV.
I've spoken to a few others and have not been overly comfortable with them. 
Referrals are always best I feel.

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