Hi Susan,

You should talk to your vet's office to see what they think, but I don't
think you need to rush
Autumn in right away. Having dealt with diarrhea with Ember, my first
course of action would
be to rest her from food for a day or two, if possible. Make sure she
has plenty of water, of course.
After the short break, I would increase portions until normal over a few
days. If you don't want to 
give her time off of food, then you might at least take her off the hard
food for the time being, 
and then slowly reintroduce it over a week or so. You might also try
giving her some pumpkin. 
I think a teaspoon of pumpkin mixed in with wet food is what I did for
Ember when she had
bad diarrhea.

Keep in mind that this is what *I* would do. Your vet may have a better
idea of what's
best for little Autumn. I hope she starts feeling better soon. 


On Mon, 5 Nov 2007 13:37:47 -0600, "Susan Ang" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> Hey All,
>    Autumn is doing really well overall. She's been feeling so good in
>    fact
> that she's been trying to steal human food. She's tried to do this as
> long
> as we've had her. The only difference is that she's now bigger and
> sneakier.
> On Friday night she got into a plate and ate some pizza crust with a
> little
> sauce on it. She also ate part of a cooling banana bread loaf on
> Saturday.
> When I set the loaf out she was playing happily in another room - when I
> turned around she was munching away~_~ The problem is that she's
> developed
> diarrhea. She has no other symptoms. We try hard to keep her out of
> people
> food, but if you turn your back for a second she gets into your plate.
> Should I get her in to see a vet ASAP or just wait and see?  I understand
> that sometimes people food upsets their stomachs. I have a soft food for
> cats with intestinal troubles. Should I take away her hard food and give
> her
> the I/D formula? She's also had terrible kitty gas.
> Thanks,
> ~Susan A
  Lance Linimon

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